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Default A formulation of a new language?

I have been working with a number of artists on creating a story and expanding on the Starcraft Universe. A way, or sort of medium for fans and Blizzard (the creator of Starcraft) to connect more than they already do. Our aim is to publicize stories that fit within the Starcraft Universe, and do so in a manner that will increase interaction within the story.

One major problem I am faced with while we compile our own Starcraft bible (a series of documents ranging from 20-400 pages that note and record every fact and detail of the known Starcraft Universe) is discovering and adding words for an alien language called Khalani.

The fictional language is heavily influenced by current languages, though I would like your input on the etymology and influences of the language. Perhaps what current language primarily influences it. Here are all the translated words we have come across.

Translated Phrases
Adun Toridas! (literally "Adun hide you", often interpreted as "May Adun give you sanctuary)
Alysaar ("Keepers of Wisdom")
Alys'aril ("Sanctuary of Wisdom")
Anht zagatir nas ("The gods watch over you")
Dae'Uhl ("great stewardship")
En Taro ("in honor of")
Ihan-rii (A name for the xel'naga during the Aeon of Strife)
Khala ("Path of Ascension")
Khas ("He Who Brings Order")
Khaydarin ("Focuser of the heart")
Khor-shakal ("Great forum")
Kwah-kai ("Little hands")
Ni Monn Adun ("Heart of Adun")
Shel'na Kryhas ("Those Who Endure")
Tal'darim ("The Forged")
Terrazine (not a Khalani word per se, but literally translates into "breath of creation" via translation)
Und lara khar ("Be at peace")
Zerashk Gulida ("Oblivion awaits")
So, I would like to ask you to help me come up with some more words for the language, and their meanings.
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