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Default Re: The Hunger Games [SU/DS]

Name: Caitlyn Walker

Age: 17

Gender: Female

What District you're in: District Seven


Personality: Caitlyn is a quiet girl who likes to keep to herself, and can mostly be found alone with a book. She doesn’t really like to socialize, but will speak with people if she needs to know something or if they speak with her first. Her personality isn’t the sweetest of them all, although beneath her rough exterior there is a nice girl buried somewhere. However, for the most part, Caitlyn doesn’t appear to be a very friendly girl, and is often cold and distant toward others. She doesn’t like crowds of people or a lot of noise, being the type who prefers silence and solitude. This is normally what triggers her irritability with other people.

Caitlyn is very easily annoyed, which only worsens her attitude toward other people. It has never been easy for her to make friends, but she refuses to admit any loneliness that she may have. Despite her harsh personality, Caitlyn does have a soft spot for people in need, and is always one of the first to rush to their aid if someone needs it. However, this is merely an automatic response to her, for she doesn’t trust anyone. It is very difficult to win her trust, and even more difficult to keep it afterward.

History: Caitlyn was born and raised in the seventh district. Her mother died shortly after she was born, and her father blamed her for his wife’s death. He treated Caitlyn horribly throughout her childhood, being both very strict and unfair. This caused Caitlyn to begin to develop her harsh personality toward other people. At first she still attempted to make friends at the local school she attended, but because of her withdrawn and defensive personality due to her father’s treatment, she could never manage to keep one. Even if she did befriend someone, her distrust in people would chase them away. Because of this, Caitlyn spent her childhood mostly alone, and turned to studying and reading books as a means to help her escape from her harsh reality.

Her father was a lumberjack as well as a carpenter, and brought in a decent amount of money by selling wood and the carvings he created. He was a respected man all throughout District Seven, but Caitlyn was nothing but a shadow. Her father never took her to work with him or bothered to try and teach her anything. It even seemed as though he were embarrassed of her existence. Had it not been for her going to school, the district probably would not even really know she existed.

Despite her father’s refusal to teach her anything, Caitlyn took an interest in his wooden carvings around the age of ten, and being the studious child she was, learned how to do it simply through reading. At first, she appeared to have no real talent for it at all, but as she grew older her skills became greater, and soon her own carvings were good enough to sell as well. To give herself a sense of worth among the uselessness that her father constantly threw at her, Caitlyn would go out and sell her carvings for money of her own. Even though they were not a poor family, Caitlyn’s father didn’t include her in much of anything, and aside from basic needs she never got anything she desired. Having her own money, even if it was just a little, was a luxury, and was something that she felt was completely her own.

Caitlyn never bothered to watch The Hunger Games on television, although her father enjoyed doing so. He didn’t support it, but in some twisted way, he still found entertainment in watching the children of the twelve districts murder each other. The entire thing sickened Caitlyn, and she wanted absolutely no part of it. For the past few years she has gotten lucky enough not to be picked for the Games, and with only two more years to go, she hopes that this same luck will continue to be on her side.

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