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Default Re: Christian Feminists? Oh, the irony.

Since about everyone of my friends on FB are Christians, I should post this and ask them to explain it. XDD I'll be like,

"Any of my friends who consider themselves a strong agnostic Christian, please describe the following photo. AND FOR THE LOVE OF JOHN TRAVOLTA, PLEASE DON'T SHOVE YOUR RELIGION DOWN MY THROAT." I know some Christians, if they found out I wasn't, "YOU'RE NOT? YOU'LL GO TO HELL!! WE'RE NO LONGER FRIENDS AND DON'T EVEN TALK TO ME." It seriously bothers me when people try to shove religion down your throat. Religion is a choice and a right, and no mater what, no one should slander anyone's religion. I know a lot of so called "Christians" who smoke and drink and cuss, and they're about the same age as I am. Maybe a few years older. You can't really say, "Well that darned atheist, he's doing good things and helping puppies and all this other Christian stuff." XD

I do that stuff anyways. ;p It just really bothers me when people say other religions are wrong or stupid. It's basically asking to get hit, or begging for an argue. Don;t get me wrong, a good argue is fun (right? XD), but you just can't say/do stuff like that.
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