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Default the return of ZAK MUGABI aka the LIVING APE MAN

aim: wtheburgerkingw
money: $33,000
battles: 18
W|D|L: 13|00|05
basics: 32
W|D|L: 15|00|17

(battle record was restarted after returning from a year long absence)

current titles: trainer, ref
former titles: ref tester, urpg champ

holds: black sludge, bright powder, choice band, choice scarf, choice specs, damp rock, draco plate, dread plate, eviolite, expert belt (2), focus sash, iron ball, leftovers (2), life orb (2), mental herb, rocky helmet, toxic orb
berries: lum (2), petaya, salac
misc: cable link, hm surf, hm waterfall

pokémon: alakazam ♂
ability: inner focus ♦ magic guard ♦ synchronize
moves: ally switch, calm mind, confusion, disable, future sight, kinesis, miracle eye, psybeam, psychic, psycho cut, recover, reflect, role play, teleport, telekinesis, trick
tm/hm: charge beam, counter, energy ball, focus blast, grass knot, hidden power rock, light screen, protect, rest, shadow ball, shock wave, skill swap, sleep talk, snatch, substitute, taunt, thunder wave, torment, tri attack
bm/mt/sm: barrier, encore
obtained: trade
value: $127,500

pokémon: blaziken ♀
ability: blaze ♦ speed boost
moves: blaze kick, brave bird, bulk up, double kick, ember, fire punch, fire spin, flamethrower, flare blitz, focus energy, growl, hi jump kick, mirror move, peck, quick attack, sand-attack, scratch, sky uppercut, slash
tm/hm: cut, earthquake, hidden power ice, protect, roar, stone edge, strength, substitute, sunny day, swords dance
bm/mt/sm: baton pass, counter, thunderpunch vacuum wavee
obtained: trade
value: $93,500

pokémon: breloom ♀
ability: effect spore ♦ poison heal ♦ technician
moves: absorb, counter, dynamicpunch, force palm, giga drain, growth, headbutt, leech seed, mach punch, mega drain, mind reader, poisonpowder, seed bomb, sky uppercut, spore, stun spore, tackle, worry seed
tm/hm: brick break, bullet seed, bulk up, drain punch, facade, fling, focus punch, protect, rock tomb, snatch, stone edge, substitute, swords dance
bm/mt/sm: superpower, thunderpunch
obtained: trade
value: $90,000

pokémon: bronzong
ability: heatproof ♦ levitate
moves: block, confuse ray, confusion, extrasensory, faint attack, future sight, gyro ball, heal block, heavy slam, hypnosis, imprison, iron defense, payback, rain dance, safeguard, sunny day, tackle
tm/hm: calm mind, charge beam, earthquake, explosion, flash cannon, grass knot, light screen, protect, reflect, rest, rock polish, sleep talk, stealth rock, substitute, toxic, trick room
bm/mt/sm: trick, zen headbutt
obtained: story
value: $97,500

pokémon: chandelure ♀
ability: flame body ♦ flash fire ♦ shadow tag
moves: astonish, confuse ray, curse, ember, fire spin, flame burst, hex, imprison, inferno, memento, minimize, night shade, overheat, pain split, shadow ball, smog, will-o-wisp
tm/hm: calm mind, energy ball, fire blast, flame charge, flamethrower, hidden power rock, protect, psychic, solarbeam, substitute, sunny day, taunt, toxic, trick room
bm/mt/sm: acid armor, clear smog, haze
obtained: trade
value: $119,500

pokémon: cloyster ♂
ability: shell armor ♦ skill link
moves: aurora beam, brine, clamp, hydro pump, ice beam, ice shard, icicle crash, icicle spear, iron defense, leer, protect, razor shell, shell smash, spike cannon, spikes, supersonic, tackle, toxic spikes, whirlpool, withdraw
tm/hm: surf, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: rock blast
obtained: summer gift station
value: $27,500

pokémon: conkeldurr ♂
ability: guts ♦ sheer force
moves: bide, bulk up, chip away, dynamicpunch, focus energy, focus punch, hammer arm, leer, low kick, pound, rock slide, rock throw, scary face, stone edge, superpower, wake-up slap
tm/hm: earthquake, payback, rest, sleep talk, substitute
bm/mt/sm: counter, detect, drain punch, mach punch
obtained: trade
value: $57,000

pokémon: ditto
ability: imposter ♦ limber
moves: transform
tm/hm: none
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: trade
value: $11,500

pokémon: dragonite ♀
ability: inner focus ♦ multiscale
moves: agility, aqua tail, dragon dance, dragon rage, dragon rush, dragon tail, fire punch, hurricane, hyper beam, leer, outrage, roost, safeguard, slam, thunder wave, thunderpunch, twister, wing attack, wrap
tm/hm: brick break, dragon claw, earthquake, fire blast, focus punch, hidden power fire, ice beam, reflect, rest, roar, rock tomb, sleep talk, stone edge, substitute, surf, thunderbolt, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: draco meteor, extremespeed, heal bell, light screen, superpower
obtained: summer gift station
value: $133,000

pokémon: gallade ♂
ability: steadfast
moves: calm mind, charm, close combat, confusion, double team, dream eater, false swipe, feint, fury cutter, future sight, growl, heal pulse, helping hand, hypnosis, imprison, leaf blade, leer, lucky chant, magical leaf, night slash, protect, psychic, psycho cut, slash, stored power, swords dance, teleport
tm/hm: aerial ace, attract, brick break, bulk up, cut, drain punch, earthquake, facade, flash, focus punch, giga impact, light screen, poison jab, psych up, rain dance, recycle, reflect, rest, rock slide, rock smash, rock tomb, safeguard, skill swap, sleep talk, snatch, stone edge, strength, substitute, sunny day, swagger, taunt, thunder wave, torment, toxic, trick room, x-scissor
bm/mt/sm: encore, ice punch, pain split, trick, will-o-wisp
obtained: trade
value: $208,000

pokémon: garchomp ♂
ability: rough skin ♦ sand veil
moves: crunch, dig, dragon claw, dragon rage, dragon rush, dual chop, fire fang, sand-attack, sand tomb, sandstorm, slash, tackle, take down
tm/hm: attract, brick break, bulldoze, dragon tail, earthquake, fire blast, hidden power grass, poison jab, protect, rest, roar, rock tomb, shadow claw, sleep talk, stealth rock, stone edge, substitute, surf, swords dance, toxic
bm/mt/sm: aqua tail, draco meteor, outrage
obtained: pokémart
value: $136,500

pokémon: gengar ♀
ability: levitate
moves: confuse ray, curse, dark pulse, destiny bond, dream eater, hex, hypnosis, lick, mean look, night shade, nightmare, payback, shadow ball, spite, sucker punch
tm/hm: counter, energy ball, explosion, focus blast, focus punch, giga drain, hidden power ground, psych up, psychic, sludge bomb, snatch, substitute, taunt, thunderbolt, will-o-wisp
bm/mt/sm: icy wind, pain split, perish song, trick
obtained: trade
value: $114,500

pokémon: gliscor ♂
ability: hyper cutter ♦ poison heal ♦ sand veil
moves: acrobatics, faint attack, fire fang, fury cutter, guillotine, harden, ice fang, knock off, night slash, poison jab, poison sting, quick attack, sand-attack, screech, slash, swords dance, thunder fang, u-turn, x-scissor
tm/hm: aerial ace, brick break, double team, earthquake, protect, rock polish, roost, stealth rock, stone edge, substitute, taunt, torment, toxic
bm/mt/sm: baton pass, counter
obtained: trade
value: $93,000

pokémon: gyarados ♀
ability: intimidate
moves: aqua tail, bite, dragon dance, dragon rage, flail, hydro pump, hyper beam, ice fang, leer, rain dance, splash, tackle, thrash, twister
tm/hm: earthquake, rest, return, sleep talk, stone edge, substitute, surf, taunt, thunder, thunder wave, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: bounce, outrage, reversal
obtained: story
value: $82,000

pokémon: hydreigon ♂
ability: levitate
moves: bite, body slam, crunch, double hit, dragonbreath, dragon pulse, dragon rage, dragon rush, focus energy, headbutt, hyper voice, outrage, roar, scary face, slam, tackle, tri attack, work up
tm/hm: double team, dragon tail, earthquake, flamethrower, focus blast, hidden power ice, stone edge, substitute, surf, taunt, thunder wave, u-turn
bm/mt/sm: dark pulse, draco meteor, earth power, thunder fang
obtained: trade
value: $97,500

pokémon: infernape ♀
ability: blaze
nature: naive
moves: acrobatics, calm mind, close combat, ember, facade, feint, fire spin, flame wheel, flamethrower, flare blitz, fury swipes, leer, mach punch, nasty plot, punishment, scratch, slack off, taunt, torment
tm/hm: attract, brick break, earthquake, fire blast, grass knot, hidden power ice, overheat, protect, rock tomb, shadow claw, solarbeam, stealth rock, stone edge, substitute, sunny day, swagger, swords dance, u-turn, will-o-wisp
bm/mt/sm: encore, endeavor, fake out, thunderpunch, vacuum wave
obtained: pokémart
value: $131,500

pokémon: jolteon ♀
ability: volt absorb
nature: timid
moves: agility, baton pass, bite, discharge, double kick, growl, helping hand, last resort, pin missile, quick attack, sand-attack, tackle, tail whip, take down, thunder, thunder fang, thunder wave, thundershock, trump card
tm/hm: attract, charge beam, hidden power grass, light screen, protect, rain dance, reflect, rest, roar, shadow ball, sleep talk, substitute, thunderbolt, toxic
bm/mt/sm: heal bell, magnet rise, signal beam, wish, yawn
obtained: trade
value: $103,000

pokémon: kingdra ♂
ability: sniper ♦ swift swim
moves: agility, brine, bubble, bubblebeam, dragon dance, dragon pulse, focus energy, hydro pump, leer, smokescreen, twister, water gun, yawn
tm/hm: attract, flash cannon, hidden power electric, hyper beam, ice beam, protect, rain dance, substitute, surf, swagger, toxic, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: draco meteor, outrage
obtained: trade
value: $102,000

pokémon: lucario ♂
ability: inner focus ♦ steadfast
moves: aura sphere, bone rush, close combat, copycat, counter, dark pulse, detect, dragon pulse, endure, extremespeed, feint, force palm, foresight, heal pulse, me first, metal claw, metal sound, quick attack, quick guard, reversal, screech, swords dance
tm/hm: calm mind, drain punch, earthquake, hidden power fire, psychic, shadow claw, stone edge, substitute, water pulse
bm/mt/sm: bullet punch, ice punch, thunderpunch, vacuum wave
obtained: war
value: $101,500

pokémon: mamoswine ♀
ability: oblivious ♦ snow cloak ♦ thick fat
moves: amnesia, ancientpower, blizzard, double hit, earthquake, endure, fury attack, hail, horn attack, ice fang, ice shard, icy wind, mist, mud-slap, mud bomb, mud sport, odor sleuth, peck, powder snow, scary face, tackle, take down
tm/hm: avalanche, bulldoze, curse, light screen, roar, sandstorm, stealth rock, stone edge, substitute
bm/mt/sm: endeavor, icicle crash, icicle spear, superpower
obtained: trade
value: $68,500

pokémon: quagsire ♀
ability: damp ♦ unaware ♦ water absorb
moves: amnesia, earthquake, haze, mist, mud bomb, muddy water, mud shot, mud sport, rain dance, slam, tail whip, water gun, yawn
tm/hm: curse, ice punch, surf, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: recover, seismic toss
obtained: trade
value: $47,500

pokémon: rotom-w
ability: levitate
moves: astonish, charge, confuse ray, discharge, double team, electro ball, hex, hydro pump, ominous wind, shock wave, substitute, thunder wave, thundershock, trick, uproar
tm/hm: charge beam, hidden power fighting, light screen, protect, psych up, rain dance, reflect, rest, shadow ball, sleep talk, snatch, thunder, thunderbolt, toxic, will-o-wisp
bm/mt/sm: pain split, signal beam, sucker punch
obtained: trade
value: $129,500

pokémon: salamence ♂
ability: intimidate
moves: bite, crunch, double-edge, dragon claw, dragon tail, dragonbreath, ember, fire fang, fly, focus energy, headbutt, leer, protect, rage, scary face, thunder fang, zen headbutt
tm/hm: aerial ace, brick break, dragon pulse, earthquake, fire blast, flamethrower, hidden power ice, roar, rock slide, roost, stone edge, substitute
bm/mt/sm: draco meteor, dragon dance, hydro pump, outrage, refresh
obtained: trade
value: $98,500

pokémon: scizor ♂
ability: swarm ♦ technician
moves: agility, air slash, double hit, double team, false swipe, feint, focus energy, fury cutter, iron defense, iron head, leer, metal claw, night slash, pursuit, quick attack, razor wind, slash, swords dance, vacuum wave, wing attack, x-scissor
tm/hm: aerial ace, attract, brick break, giga impact, protect, rest, roost, sleep talk, substitute, swagger, toxic, u-turn
bm/mt/sm: baton pass, counter, light screen, safeguard, superpower
obtained: starter
value: $120,500

pokémon: starmie
ability: illuminate ♦ natural cure
moves: bubblebeam, camouflage, confuse ray, cosmic power, gyro ball, harden, hydro pump, light screen, minimize, power gem, rapid spin, recover, swift, tackle, water gun
tm/hm: blizzard, brine, grass knot, hidden power fighting, ice beam, icy wind, protect, psych up, psychic, rain dance, reflect, rest, skill swap, substitute, surf, thunder, thunder wave, thunderbolt, toxic, trick room, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: pain split, trick
obtained: trade
value: $146,000

pokémon: togekiss ♀
ability: hustle ♦ serene grace
moves: after you, air slash, ancientpower, aura sphere, baton pass, bestow, charm, double-edge, encore, extremespeed, follow me, growl, last resort, magical leaf, metronome, safeguard, sky attack, sweet kiss, yawn
tm/hm: flamethrower, grass knot, hidden power fighting, light screen, psychic, reflect, roost, shadow ball, substitute, thunder wave, water pulse
bm/mt/sm: nasty plot, psycho shift, tri attack, trick
obtained: pokémart
value: $82,500

pokémon: tyranitar ♀
ability: sand stream
moves: bite, chip away, crunch, dark pulse, earthquake, fire fang, hyper beam, ice fang, leer, payback, rock slide, sandstorm, scary face, screech, stone edge, thrash, thunder fang
tm/hm: aerial ace, attract, brick break, curse, dragon claw, fire blast, fire punch, focus punch, hidden power ground, ice beam, protect, roar, rock polish, rest, sleep talk, stealth rock, substitute, surf, taunt, thunder wave, thunderbolt, torment
bm/mt/sm: aqua tail, counter, dragon dance, outrage, superpower
obtained: pokémart
value: $145,000

pokémon: weavile ♀
ability: inner focus ♦ pressure
moves: agility, assurance, beat up, dark pulse, embargo, faint attack, fling, fury swipes, hone claws, ice shard, icy wind, leer, metal claw, nasty plot, night slash, quick attack, revenge, scratch, screech, slash, taunt
tm/hm: aerial ace, brick break, focus punch, hail, ice punch, poison jab, psych up, snatch, substitute, surf, swagger, swords dance, x-scissor
bm/mt/sm: counter, fake out, low kick
obtained: trade
value: $104,500

pokémon: zoroark ♀
ability: illusion
moves: agility, embargo, faint attack, fake tears, foul play, fury swipes, hone claws, imprison, leer, nasty plot, night daze, night slash, punishment, pursuit, scary face, scratch, taunt, torment, u-turn
tm/hm: flamethrower, focus blast, grass knot, hidden power ground, substitute, swords dance
bm/mt/sm: sucker punch
obtained: trade
value: $65,500

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