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Default [FW] Global Mercenaries (GTS+)

Right, since we're down to the wire here and no groups have been formed, I suppose I'll take charge of things for GTS+. Members representing GTS+ that wish to participate in a group for the Forum War can sign on here, or make their own group if they wish.

As NES2 stated in his announcement thread, while we still represent GTS+, our first and primary concern is our fellow group members. We will have our own goal, which we will work out here as the RP begins and gets going. Our characters will likely move in a group to more easily facilitate this, but that probably won't be mandated.

We'll need three people, including myself, to be officially recognized. If we reach this goal, we'll be in the RP, and we will continue to accept members.

Current Members:
- Flynt
- Dragonwish2
- Almost Easy
- Dan Magnus
- Rufa
- Kamaitachi
Representing GTS+ for the Forum War... Again.

Big thanks to Tunduli on Pokecharms for the sprite in the banner.

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