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Default Re: ~5TailedDemonLizard vs. FireSong~

Round Two


HP: 94%
Energy: 97%


HP: 100%

Hayaku wanted to do some major damage since that silly cat had taken away its advantage. Hayaku found a random brick that just happened to be laying on the ground and held it in its blades and walked to the cat Pokemon. It held the cat down with one of its legs. The cat tried to run but it was no use, it was trapped. Hayaku laid the brick on top of Mittens and then used one of its blades and crushed the brick over the tiny Mittens. Mittens laid there for a moment as the move had a major effect. (Hayaku -16 energy) (Mittens -18 HP)

Mittens stood up slowly. It regain itself and decided to cause that bully some major damage also. Its tail went from flesh to a metallic texture. Mittens swung its tail into the side of Hayaku's face several times as Hayaku fell on the ground close to the pool of Sharpos. Mittens continued to hit Hayaku with its tail. (Mittens -26 energy) (Hayaku -12 HP)

Hayaku was struggling to get up from this onslaught of Iron Tail attacks. It closed its eyes while being pummeled and released from its body a small wave of energy that knocked Mittens away from Hayaku, giving it a chance to stand up. The attack wasn't extremely strong but it had made Mittens a little weaker. (Hayaku -2 energy) (Mittens -6 HP -1 SPATK)

Mittens wasn't done yet. It began to build up electricity in its little furry body and released it into the air. From the sky came down several large bolts of electricity that struck Hayaku. Hayaku was knocked to the ground once again as the force was incredble, even though Mittens wasn't as strong as before. (Mittens -34 energy) (Hayaku -13 HP)

Hayaku stood up and eyed its opponent. The battle had been blow for blow, either Pokemon still had a chance for victory, although Mittens was showing signs of fatigue.


HP: 69%
Energy: 79%
Condition: Feeling good.


HP: 76%
Energy: 33%
Condition: Getting tired.
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