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Default Re: Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

I frickin' love this. Flappy is a win, nothing but a win! xD I frickin' love the guy :D

#39 and #40 look really similar, the only difference being size and the symbol on the chest. I'd like to see #40 be possibly a much darker colour, look more ferocious and, possibly, larger claws? I understand that it's evolved into a creature with more height, lumpy things on its back and a biohazard symbol, but it would be nice for the difference to be a bit more obvious :P The same goes for #43 to #45, the only differences seem to be claws, size and the fluff from its face. Maybe #43 could be more cub-like? Think of the Shinx line - from cub to half-grown into a lion and then a fully-fledged ferocious beast; the same could be done with the Snow Leopard line :)

I love this, keep at it! :D


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