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Default Re: Summer 2012 Forum FFA: Turn Six

Blaziken A has been given no move order. Joltik out with $13750.
Empoleon B has been given no move order. America* out with $13750.
Arcanine A uses Protect.
Excadrill uses Protect.
Porygon-Z uses Nasty Plot.
Empoleon A uses Bulldoze on Excadrill, fails.
Feraligatr B uses Earthquake on Excadrill, fails.
Starmie B uses Cosmic Power.
Aqua Ring heals Empoleon A.
Infernape uses Bulk Up.
Scyther uses Wing Attack on Arcanine A, fails.
Raichu uses Wish.
Arcanine B uses Flame Charge on Scyther, KOs! Elite Twit out with $14500.
Mr. Mime uses Power Swap on Empoleon B, fails.
Gallade uses Psych Up on Infernape.
Gardevoir A uses Substitute.
Gardevoir C uses Stored Power on Scyther, fails.
Togekiss A uses Light Screen.
Togekiss B uses Nasty Plot.
Feraligatr A uses Sleep Talk. Feraligatr A uses Scratch on Starmie B, sub holds.
Metagross B uses Earthquake on Empoleon B, fails.
BlazeMaster uses Blizzard on Scyther, fails.
Starmie B's Reflect ends.
Mr. Mime's Reflect ends.
Togekiss B's Reflect ends.
Metagross' Reflect ends.
Gravity ends.
18 of 48 Pokemon remaining.

Porygon-Z [558] 75%, SUB, DEF+2, SATK+2, SDEF+2, SPD+2, RF-3
Empoleon A [438] 100%, SUB, ATK+4, SPD+2, AR
Feraligatr B [382] 75%, SUB, ATK+1, SPD+1
Starmie B [329] 100%, SUB, LS-4, DEF+2, SDEF+2
Infernape B [315] 75%, SUB, ATK+4, DEF+2, SATK+2, SDEF+2
Raichu [299] 75%, SUB, SATK+4, RF-3, LS-2, WISH-1
Arcanine A [289] 32.81%, ATK+2, DEF+2
Arcanine B [289] 50%, SUB ATK+2, DEF+2
Mr. Mime [279] 75%, SUB, LS-4, DEF+4, SDEF+2
Excadrill [275] 75%, ATK+2
Gallade [259] 98.52%, SUB, ATK+4, DEF+2, SATK+2, SDEF+2
Gardevoir A [259] 75%, {Flash Fire}, SUB, SATK+2, SDEF+2, RF-3
Gardevoir C [259] 75%, SUB, DEF+2, SDEF+2, RF-4
Togekiss A [259] 100%, SUB, DEF+2, SDEF+2, RF-4, LS-1
Togekiss B [259] 100%, SUB, DEF+2, SATK+2, SDEF+2, LS-3
Feraligatr A [255] 100%, SUB, ATK+2, DEF+1, SLP-2
Metagross B [239] 75%, SUB, ATK+2, SATK+2, SDEF+2, LS-4, MR-3
Walrein [229] 75%, SUB


Sigh, more boredom. Come on guys, step it up a notch >:|

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