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Default Re: Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

Mara Towns
•Towns & Important Places
Tinyroot Town - The smallest town in the Mara Region. This is the start of all trainers' journeys and where they receive their Pokemon at the lab

Normav Town - A typical, rather uninteresting little town to the East of Tinyroot Town. It is the location of the first gym.

Bloomborough - A fairly large town South of Normav. It is brimming with beautiful flowers year round and is one of the most beautiful towns in Mara.

Sparkplug City - This place isn't really a city, at least it wasn't at first. It has become a bustling hub of technology and only tech fans live here. It started as a group of people researching Cyber Type Pokemon. The second gym is located here.

Kindeleton - A quaint town with a park in the center. It is one of the few towns in Mara that still posts important announcements on a town bulletin board. The third gym is located here.

Oldebrook - This is the oldest town in Mara. It is the beginning of every legend ever told in the region and its buildings are over 150 years old. There is a shrine located near by.

Oceanna - The Mara Region's only major city, it is the largest port of the region and all major trading operations happen here. The fourth gym is also here.

Crossroads - This place isn't a town, but a few people have set up shops here. It is the intersection between Mara's Forest, Shorelands, Jungle, and Savannah.

Treetop Town - An entire town built miles above the ground, Treetop Town is made entirely of tree houses and rope bridges. The fifth gym extends above the canopy and provides an incredible view.

Morbanundai Village - A small village near the center of Mara's Savannah. There is a research camp nearby that studies Pokemon using safari jeeps.

Morosbury Harbor - A small, cheery port town on the East Coast of Mara. There are many small fishing boats and the waves gently lap at the shore.

Snow's Breath Village - A tiny village to the South, nestled between three enormous mountains. It has many legends centering around its chilly location. The sixth gym is here.

Clamara Town - A noisy town filled to the brim with all kinds of musicians. On odd nights, the whole town joins togther in to perform a harmonious and beautiful song. The melody attracts many rare Pokemon who come to enjoy the music

Ciudad de Muerte - A somewhat medium sized city, during the day it looks like an ancient ruin. The real change occurs after sundown. The whole city is alive with all kinds of performers and masked people. The streets are lines with torches and the whole city glows. The seventh gym is here, at the top of the pyramid.

Shadyhollow - Shadyhollow is the darkest city in Mara. It is filled with shadows and all its buildings are black. There is no shortage of sketchy looking alleys either. The eighth gym is here.

The Forgotten Island - A small, strange island somewhere off the Southeast coast of Mara. It has been so long since anyone spoke of it or its legend that most have forgotten that it even existed. Boats never venture near its shores because it glitters with an eerie light.

Blackluster Cave - An incredibly old, dark cave. It is surrounded and filled by hard black crystals. Legend has it that this is the resting place of the powerful Pokemon Obsidiarz. The ground in and around the cave is covered in jagged marks.

Champion Island - An island off the West coast of Mara. It is the location of the Pokemon League. The only way to get there is to pass through the Badge Gates and cross Victory Bridge.

-Old Mansion
An incredibly old mansion with an ancient graveyard behind it filled with tombstones. There is a large mausoleum in the center that extends deep underground.

-Hollow Tree
A large, hollowed out tree South of Treetop Town. It is a popular tourist attraction.

-Seacrest Docks
The large set of docks and boathouses in the center of Oceanna. It has the largest amount of space for ships of any region.

-Whitesands Resort
A popular resort on the coast near Oceanna. It is renown foe its beautiful white beaches and crystal clear waters.

-Deepfrost Caves
A network of harshly cold caves that extend deep underground. Only the strongest trainers are allowed to enter.

-Bloomborough Fields
A set of rolling fields cut out of the forest that are used to grow hundreds of flowers.

-Lake of Sorrows
A very calm lake with a very sad aura about it. People and Pokemon often cry when they come here, usually for no apparent reason.

-Hidden Path
A small path that runs through the forest from the Lake of Sorrow to the East coast of Mara.

-Shrine of the Past/Future
An ancient shrine just outside of Oldebrook, built to honor the Pokemon of legend (Quarzion and Obsidiarz)

-Safaringza Wildlife Preserve
A wildlife preserve in the North of Mara's Savannah. There are Pokemon here from every region.

-Frigid Pass
A pass that goes through the mountains surrounding Snow's Breath Village.

Obsidiarz the Mideval Teacher
Before people became more civilized than simple villages, there was a Pokemon. This Pokemon was not like the others. It sought only to help the villagers, not steal food or other selfish things. It taught the people how to cut and move stone, how to carefully mine jemstones and how to mold metals into fabulous tools and decorations. The people loved Obsidiarz and built it a grand shrine where they left various offerings every day. Obsidiarz was overjoyed. It loved the villagers and loved to watch them work as they build vast walls and castles. For hundreds of years, Obsidiarz calmly watched the villagers work in farms and in shops and it helped them whenever it could, but it only came out at night and left deep scars in the earth with its massive tail. To this day people still leave offerings at the Shrine of the Past. Sometimes people even find huge cuts in the earth near the shrine.

Quarzion the Bringer of a New Age
Quarzion was a different kind of Pokemon. It was from another place, deep amongst the stars. Its hard skin was made of a strange, unknown kind of metal that was immune to the vast vacuum of space. Quarzion was born just as it is now, and all alone. It wandered the stars, looking for a place to go, somewhere it felt it belonged. Quarzion was a smart Pokemon, but not perfect. It collided with an asteroid and fell to Mara just before the end of Mideval times. It watched these strange creatures called humans as they examined it. They feared Quarzion because it was unknown, but Quarzion gave the people a new kind of knowlege. With a single touch it taught people what it knew of their minerals and tools and how so much more could be achieved with them. Quarzion brought with its arrival a new Age, and a new kind of living. The people were greatful to Quarzion and built it a shrine, the Shrine of the Future. Offerings are left to the Pokemon, and people often ask its advice when they visit the shrine. The offerings are sometimes replaced with the answers to the giver's problems.

A Clash of Time
As Quarzion gained the people's favor, Obsidiarz watched, growing steadily angrier. The Pokemon began to hate Quarzion with a deepseated rage. It hated how it couldn't help the people anymore, how it couldn't teach them anything of use anymore. And most of all, it hated how the people were slowly forgetting about it. Fewer and fewer offerings appeared at the Shrine, fewer and fewer people gave it a passing glance. Obsidiarz couldn't contain its rage any longer. It attacked Quarzion viciously. The battle became a war of wills, a war between the past and the future. Obsidiarz fought with a vicious, primordial rage while Quarzion fought with a cunning, clearheadedness. The two Pokemon were evenly matched, but while they fought they had no way of realizing what they were truly doing. They were destroying the land, destroying all they had helped the people to create, and they were destroying the people's lives. They fought for days and nights, neither one ever gaining an inch toward the upper hand. They battle was recorded in history as one of the worst to ever happen.

Garnezent the Peace Maker
In the middle of the war torn Mara the energy from the clashing Legendaries was gathering and mixing deep below their feet. All that excess energy began to take shape, it began to grow and flourish and a new Pokemon was born. This Pokemon was level headed. It had the ancient knowlege of Obsidiarz and the futuristic cunning of Quarzion. By balancing the two sides of power the Pokemon took it's final shape and rose from the ground in a fiery eruption. As it's body cooled, it looked around it. It saw a sad landscape covered in destruction. The people turned to this Pokemon, willing it to stop the fighting. Garnezent knew that the people needed its help and so it walked calmly into the center of the battlefield. It showed the two feuding Pokemon what they had done, how they had destroyed all that they loved. Then it showed them how they could work togther to rebuild it, and it helped them. People have long since forgotten about this Pokemon's hand in stilling the great battle that nearly destroyed all of Mara.

Peace at Last
When the two Legendaries had seen what they had done, they felt deeply sad. With Garnezent's help, they rebuilt what they had destroyed and the people came back to their homes. When all was rebuilt and peace between both the two legendares and the people and Pokemon of Mara was achieved, the Time Trio decided their work was complete. They went in seperate directions, living out their lives in harmony, and found much needed rest. No one has seen the three Pokemon since.

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