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Default Re: Summer Writing Competition 2012.

Okay, submissions are closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit something -- it's very much appreciated, and I'm glad to see that I don't have to extend the deadline. It's promising to be a very exciting competition, and we'll have to see how it turns out!

edit: Somehow everything got immensely screwed up. We're doing three rounds of five and then one of three. SORTED.

Without any further ado, here is the FIRST ROUND:
Summer Snow by SORMEKI.
Liquid Heat by ARCTIC PENGUIN.
Revelations by GMANDIDDY.
The Smokeless Fire by HUSHIE.
The Slowpoke Challenge by YELLOWMAGIKARP.
Look to the first post for the guidelines on voting, and remember to PM all votes to me (Buoy on BMG; Buoysel on TPW; Buoyysel on PE2K). The deadline for your votes is August 10th at 23:59 GMT. Happy voting!

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