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Default Re: Keldeo Contest: Short Story of the Bi-Week #K (THEME: KELDEO)

Long ago two kingdoms waged a great war against one another. As they met for battle, steel clashed against steel. It was very dry that year and even the marshy Moor of Icirrus. As the might armies clashed their swords against each other. As metal smacked metal sparks flew from the blades, lighting the Moor ablaze. Many Pokemon fled, including Keldeo the sacred swordsman. As the creature fled it was separated from its beloved parents and thrown into the wild, only a small infant at the time. Keldeo wandered the forests and mountains for many years, growing into a bright young Pokemon. However even with its wits, Keldeo didn't know how to survive on its own. Eventually on the brink of starvation Keldeo was rescued by three mighty Pokemon. Virizon, Cobalion, and Terrakion. After many years of learning to survive on his own Keldeo eventually went off on his own. He ended the war between the two great kingdoms, and restored peace to the lands. When Keldeo returned to the three knights, he took up training for many years. After long hard work, Keldeo learned the most powerful of the Knights sacred moves, Sacred Sword. He became the guardians of the Old Kingdom (The Sacred Swordsman).

This is his Story.

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