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Default Re: Pokemon: Trainers Destinies

Hey there! I see you're fairly new here :) Unfortunately, there are some things wrong with this D:

1) This is in the wrong place. To have people Sign Up to the RP, you need to have this in the Sign Up Section found HERE. When you get enough people signed up over there, you come back over here and make the actual RP thread :D

2) We need to know a few things about the RP - what is the plot? What are we supposed to do? What forms do we fill in to sign up? What are the rules? If you tell us this, you'll find more people willing to join :)

3) So, you're fairly new, right? Be sure to read the rules of Pe2k HERE and introduce yourself to us HERE by making a new thread :D

4) A Mod will probably close this soon, but be sure to remember: Look at other RP Sign Up threads and see how they've done it. This will give you an idea on what to do. So yeah, unfortunately this thread will have to be locked D: But never fear, just look up some Sign Ups, get an idea of what you have to do, make your RP Sign Up thread in the correct section and you'll be sorted! :D

Welcome to Pe2k and have fun! I look forward to seeing you around the forum :3


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