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Default [Contest] Keldeo Sketchbook

Keldeo Sketchbook

As you are traveling through the Unova region with your handy sketch book you spot a majestic unicorn Pokémon know as Keldeo.
You have heard many things about this majestic Pokémon and due to the multiple spottings of Keldeo a contest was created for all the Drawn Artists of the Unova region.
Just submit your piece of Keldeo here to enter this awesome contest!

Your Challenge: You have about 2 week to create and submit a drawn piece of your sighting of Keldeo.

What’s in it for you? Everyone who enters in this contest will earn a FREE LEGIT Keldeo, After everyone has entered all the artists drawings will be posted in a voting thread, and the overall winners, (1st-3rd) will earn trophies while first place will get a trophy and a place in honorary event hall of fame!

How to enter: Just post your drawn art submission in this thread. (Drawn art can include anything but it must be yours and must include Keldeo.)

Deadline: The deadline is going to be August 15th. After the deadline the poll will be created and voting will begin!

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