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Default Keldeo Invasion (Winners Announced!)

Credit to Charmander009 for the banner

At long last! The legendary Keldeo has been released into the Pokemon world! And PE2K's stopping at nothing to get our hands on one. How would you like to have your own legit Keldeo? Well, lucky for you, PE2K is hosting a competition in honor of the fourth legendary swordsman. Simply participate in this event and the elusive event Pokemon is all yours. Here are the different sections you can participate in.


(NOTE: Click on the contest challenge titles to link to the threads! Non-existent links are coming soon)

Drawn Art: (Hosted by JokesterJesse) Were you lucky enough to catch a sketch of the mysterious beast? Show us your fine work and win!

Graphic Art: (Hosted by JokesterJesse) Show us the true power and majesty of the swordsman. Amaze us and be amazed by the reward we offer!

Sprite Art: (Hosted by Ant2011) Can you take the legendary Pokemon and make it into a masterpiece? Your efforts will not go unrewarded.

Short Story: (Hosted by Etymology)Tell us a tale of the legendary Keldeo. The best one will be immortalized just like the swordsman.

Strategy: (Hosted by Typhlosion Explosion) Teach us the ways to harness the power of this mythical Pokemon and the reward will be great.

PO Battling: (Hosted by Typhlosion Explosion) Prove your skill to Keldeo in Pokemon Online and your valiant efforts will be rewarded

URPG Battling: (Hosted by Monbrey) Strike down all who oppose your journey to win Keldeo's power in the URPG.

ASBL Battling: (Hosted by 3m0d0ll) Step into the ASBL arena and enter the fierce tournament to claim the spoils of victory.

Crossword and Word Search: (Hosted by Grassy_Aggron) Solve the puzzles, unlock the secrets, and prove your mental endurance to be worthy of the power of the fourth swordsman.

Trivia: (Hosted by Typhlosion Explosion) Play the Hurt n' Heal game with other members to decide the pokemon for the next event!

Caption Contest: (Hosted by Digital) A picture is worth 1000 words. Use them wisely and the reward will match your wisdom.

Keldeo Plushie Raffle!: (Hosted by Graceful_Suicune) A Raffle where everyone can come and enter to win a free Keldeo Plushie !

  • Specific Rules will be posted in each section
  • All forum rules must be observed at all times
  • You must have a Nintendo DS system, internet access, and a copy of Pokemon Black/White to claim your Keldeo
  • If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Judge Dredd or Grassy_Aggron

  • All participants: Keldeo (Post in the official trade thread to claim yours)
  • 3rd place: Keldeo + Bronze Keldeo trophy for your sig/wherever you'd like to keep it
  • 2nd place: Keldeo + Silver Keldeo Trophy
  • 1st place: Keldeo + Gold Keldeo Trophy + a spot in the event hall of fame

Good luck guys and may the best member win!

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Banners created by Charmander009

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