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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“I was worried about you.” Aiden responded to Kotomi after a few moments. “After what happened yesterday, I’m afraid to let you be alone.” He paused for a moment and then continued. “And I also wanted to apologize… I know my compelling Diana upset you, but… even Bonnie didn’t think that she would have been able to deal with the loss, and I didn’t want to see her or the others suffer. I thought that through the compulsion I could help her…” Aiden then averted his gaze to the ground, bringing Kotomi to do the same as she was silent for a few moments. She then sighed, looking up at Aiden.

"You're right... you did help her." Kotomi said with a nod. "I guess watching you compel her brought back some bad memories... when we were here nineteen years ago when Klaus was still alive he had compelled Ichiru to turn off his humanity. Even though it didn't last very long it still caused pain for everyone. He was able to fight it because of his love for Ashley." Kotomi explained, the whole sacrifice returning to her as she looked down. "That was when Ashley was still human, but was forced to turn..."

All of the death and horrifying events from nineteen years ago returned to Kotomi as well, though she tried her best to shake them off as she looked back up at Aiden. She needed to try and be happy since Jeremy would be coming home soon, which brightened in her aura. Kotomi gave Aiden a small smile, taking his hand into hers.

"We should go back to the house. Jeremy will probably be there soon." Kotomi said, leaning up and gave Aiden a soft kiss on the lips.

A little bit over an hour had gone by since Ashley and Bonnie left to get Jeremy, the car finally pulling up in front of the house with the three inside. The three of them had stopped at a clothing store to pick up a few outfits for Jeremy, Ashley staying inside the car with her brother while Bonnie went in to do the quick shopping since she knew his sizes. When she returned to the car Jeremy quickly changed while Ashley and Bonnie stayed on guard to make sure no one would see anything. The three then walked inside the house, Jeremy being dressed now with a few shopping bags in his hands.

"Daddy!" Diana yelled as she quickly got up from the couch and threw herself in Jeremy's arms, bringing him to drop the bags and wrap his own arms around his daughter.

"Are you okay?" Jeremy asked, to which Diana nodded.

"I'm fine now. I'm really really glad you're okay." Diana said, bringing Jeremy to smile. It was hard for Jeremy to keep his emotions under control from finding out his son was gone forever, but Jeremy knew that he couldn't show any of that emotion in front of Diana.

"Did daddy give you two a bath while I was gone?" Ashley asked the toddlers while the rest of the group were giving Jeremy hugs.

"No, but he made us pancakes." Scarlet said happily as Kotomi chuckled, bringing Ashley to look at Ichiru with a smile.

"I'm going to go give the girls a bath." Ashley said, motioning the two toddlers up the stairs. When Ashley, Abigail and Scarlet were out of sight a knock was heard from the door, bringing Damon to walk over and open it, revealing Mason standing there.

"Is Diana here?" Mason asked with a slight glare, though Damon didn't notice it due to Jeremy walking towards him. Mason looked at Jeremy in shock, not knowing what was going on. "Mr. Gilbert?"

"I need to talk to Mason." Bonnie quickly said as she hurried outside, though Diana didn't follow as she stayed with most of the group inside, Lexi offering her breakfast as she two girls walked into the kitchen together. Bonnie, Jeremy, Damon and Mason all went outside, Damon shutting the door.

"What is going on?" Mason demanded. Bonnie, Jeremy and Damon all looked at each other for a few moments, then towards Mason. They had explained to the young Werewolf everything that had happened, the part about compelling Diana sending rage to flow through him.

"You can't tell her." Bonnie said.

"How could you do that to her?" Mason hissed.

"It's for the best." Jeremy said calmly. "At first I was upset about it too, but then they told me the reasoning for it so now I understand. She won't survive this, Mason, and you know it. Do you want a repeat of what happened to her on Wickery Bridge last month? The night she got drunk and crashed into the lake that almost killed her?"

"No..." Mason responded.

"Then keep your mouth shut about this." Damon said, the glare becoming apparent now as Mason and Damon stared each other down.

"You know you don't deserve her, right?" Mason growled.

"Excuse me?" Damon raised his eyebrow, though his fist tightened.

"Not now you two." Bonnie said fiercely. "All of us need to come together and be happy that Jeremy's back, so let's just all go inside and have everything peaceful." Damon didn't say anything, instead opening the door and walking inside. Diana gave him a smile, which calmed down the Vampire as she walked over and gave him a kiss. When she saw Mason enter the house however the memories of the kiss that happened between the two that morning came back to her, though Mason didn't bring it up as he made friendly small talk with everyone.

"Everything okay?" Kotomi asked as she walked over to Diana.

"Everything's fine." Diana said with a smile, bringing Kotomi to smile back as she looked out the window, seeing Klaus' ghostly image standing a few feet away from the window with a smirk on his face.

"I'll be right back." Kotomi said calmly as Diana nodded, the Vampire doing her best to not reveal the tension that was coming from her as she walked outside.

"I really do love reunions." Klaus said sarcastically as he walked over towards Kotomi, the two walking away from the windows.

"What are you doing here?" Kotomi asked.

"Just popping up here and there, checking in on things. So, I've heard that little Diana has been compelled." Klaus said.

"You can't say anything..." Kotomi pleaded.

"Oh I won't, but on one condition; I get brought back to life tonight." Klaus said, to which Kotomi nodded.


"Fantastic." Klaus smirked, beginning to walk away. Kol's words about Klaus might knowing something about the whole aura situation came to her, to which she called out for Klaus desperately.

"Klaus wait." Kotomi said, Klaus stopping to look at her as she walked towards him. "What do you know about auras?" This made Klaus' smirk widen.

"I've been waiting to see how long it was going to take you to realize your gift." Klaus commented.

"How long have you known about my gift?" Kotomi asked in shock.

"When I first met you nineteen years ago." Klaus shrugged.

"Do you know how I can control it?" Kotomi asked.

"I know a thing or two. Let me guess... you want me to help you, am I right?"

"I need to control it..." Kotomi looked down.

"I know you do. All in good time, Kotomi." Klaus then disappeared, bringing Kotomi to quickly look up where Klaus once stood, the young Vampire sighing as she turned around and began to walk back towards the house. She hated the fact she had to rely on her enemies...
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