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Default Re: Individual RP: Akdude

OOC: It's no biggy, I haven't been on in a while either =P. Plus, I meant quick attack. But we'll keep that between us.

Being forced to step back, Umbreon gets ready to pounce on Dual to continue the attack that was ordered of him. Knowing how Umbreon would react, I had to call him off and allow Espeon to finish the battle with Kraby.

"Umbreon! Stand down now! Rules are rules," I commanded my Pokemon. Espeon searched franically for the fallen Pokemon, knowing to never lose sight of an opponent or to turn your back on one. Espeon finally located the Kraby and stands on guard waiting for the next order.

"Alright Espeon, hit it with a psychic!" I shouted my command with a firm and confident stance. I wasn't looking to capture the Kraby since I knew it wasn't worthy enough to carry around, but I wasn't about to go easy on the pathetic little creature either.
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