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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio

Terry nodded as he was given the buttered bread. The Gummymon let it sit there for a while, turning back to his own food. He bit in.

Angle started at the Impmon as the the creature got himself a croissant. The little demon seemed to favor calling himself by his species name. Angle wondered why, as it was easier to say 'Angle' to 'Angemon.' The Patamon decided that it was up to the Impmon to decide his own title. The bread was good, providing nourishment. Terry had been smart, asking for butter. While the Digimon could eat without the need for... accessories, Lexin would want something to compliment the taste of his food.

Lexin was still asleep, and while he turned in what appeared the throes of a nightmare, he was getting rest. He couldn't talk, so he continued staring at the Impmon.

He could tell both seemed suspicious of each other. Angle himself didn't know if he even trusted that Pagumon, but they both wanted to fight for good, against Anarcomon. Angle once knew a Digimon like that, a Gaogamon, like that boy's, the one who was just sitting there in shock. That Gaogamon thought he would fight for good. Then he took one look at a MirageGaogamon in the Army, and joined up with evil.

Angle knew that those two Digimon would have to resist a lot if they encountered an enemy. They had already brilliantly squared off against a doppelganger, a mummy, a mammoth, and an overblown rabbit, but there was still a long way to go before Anarcomon was defeated.

Andrew Starker, Lone Wolf
Polar Icecap, Digital World
ARP: Obliveon

Adam stared at the little Briskmon, as it asked away about where her family was. What a pathetic little brat. The VictoryGreymon raised his large sword, and pointed at the little legless bear.

“Matthias, destroy that creature.”

Matthias, the Mojyamon, jumped at the small animal, raising his fist. He was about to land on the creature, when he was blinded by a sudden flash. The motion of falling, and he got up.

A Wizardmon was there. The Candlemon had digivolved in a flash. A small cloud appeared in the Wizardmon's hand.

“Incredibly fast as always, my old friend,” Adam said.

“You keep this small Digimon out of this,” Andrew replied, his eyes squinting.

“I won't,” the VictoryGreymon replied, smiling, “Now I suggest you surrender, otherwise I'll have to kill you, Starker.”

Andrew looked around at his opponents. The Mojyamon, Matthias, seemed a bit surprised at Casper. Adam and the SkullSatamon were still on the hill. They were outnumbered, and outmatched as well, since Casper couldn't go to Mega without serious strains on Andrew. Adam knew this, and was using it to his advantage, having a defenseless Digimon get in the way of what should have been a close fight.

“Casper,” Andrew said, “Attack.”

Casper nodded, and the cloud suddenly became dark, and fired lightning. The Mojyamon was hit, and it roared in pain, tumbling backwards a bit. The SkullSatamon jumped down from the hill, swinging its staff at the small polar bear, but Casper jumped, blocking the staff with his own sun-tipped stick. The Mojyamon got up, and blew cold air on the wizard.

Casper shivered, but fire appeared suddenly from his staff. Knocking back the SkullSatamon, he threw the fire at the Mojyamon, who dodged, rolling along.

Andrew grunted in pain. Since Casper was a Champion now, it put more strain than usual on his body. This fight was going to be tough.
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