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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Both Kotomi and Kol watched as Aiden clenched his fists to his sides as Kotomi looked at him in concern while the smirk on Kol's face remained. The thought of taking away Aiden's anger was tempting for Kotomi...

“What are you talking about?” Aiden asked as he looked at Kol. “What does she need to get under control?”

"Kotomi has a very rare gift, and can be very dangerous." Kol responded, the smirk leaving his face as he got serious. "She's able to take away darkness in other Vampire's auras and put them into her own, which means that if a Vampire was feeling rage or a negative emotion and if Kotomi touches that person then all of the negative feelings will transfer to her. The other Vampire will instantly calm down but then Kotomi will have that negative emotion flowing through her." Kol explained.

"Can I take away the negative emotions from only Vampires? Or can I do it with other Supernatural beings as well?" Kotomi asked, bringing Kol to look over to her.

"I'm not really sure. I've only known one other person with this ability before I got daggered for a few centuries, so it's still pretty new information which we need to learn from. I do know however is that if you don't control it then the darkness that you absorb will turn into madness." Kol responded.

"Who was the other person who had this ability?" Kotomi asked, bringing Kol to look down.

"There was this girl... the darkness consumed her far too quickly and she became completely crazy, killing anything living in front of her. I had no choice but to kill her." Kol looked back up to Kotomi. "That's why it's very important that you learn to control this, because if you ever fall into that level like that other Vampire did..." Kol paused, the information sinking into Kotomi as she understood where he was going with this.

"You would have to kill me." Kotomi said, to which Kol nodded. "Why is it suddenly happening though?"

"You've probably always had it but just haven't noticed it before. That's why I'm trying to come up with the theory if it has something to do with your Bloodline, because if I'm correct about it then you and the other Vampire most likely shared the same Bloodline. Like I said, the information is still pretty new. The only other two Originals we can rely on for information about it is Niklaus and Kevin since they've been living the longest without being daggered." Kol said.

"There's Aiden too." Kotomi pointed out, to which Kol merely snickered as the smirk returned to his face.

"By the looks of it Aiden is useless." Kol chuckled.

"Knock it off Kol!" Kotomi hissed, jabbing her elbow into Kol's ribcage.

"You're lucky you're cute or else your head would had been ripped off just then." Kol commented as Kotomi rolled her eyes.

"When should we meet up?"

"We can meet up later. From the looks of it you aren't ready for the day." Kol pointed out as he looked at Kotomi's pajamas and bare feet. Kotomi nodded, watching as Kol began to walk away, though he stopped and turned around to look at her. "We'll meet here in the afternoon." Kol paused, looking at Aiden for a few moments and then back towards Kotomi. "And come alone." With that, Kol disappeared with his Vampire speed. Kotomi sighed, looking back towards Aiden.

"What are you doing here anyways?" Kotomi asked in confusion.

OOC: sorry for only doing this part. i'd figure the best thing would be to do this part first and then have jeremy come in because of the time differences.
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