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Default Re: [WAR XI] Voice Acting Section

I'm really glad how all of this turned out - this theme was super fun :D

Congratulations Grace, you deserve the top spot. I mean, I shouted out "yeah!" when you mentioned British Soup! :D

Third place is enough for me. My little cousins loved it, so I'm glad I could make some people laugh. I should have a better mic by next year, so you all should watch out! xD I mean, my first time VAing and I get 31/40 points? Awesome! :P

Mint, you also deserve some congratulations! Your submission was awesome-sauce. You had me wanting to join Team Rocket right from the beginning - I loved it :)

So yeah, let us all celebrate by singing Grace's song! :L

"Elequence Speech Specialist, Elequence..."

xD Thanks for judging Dookie!


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