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Default Re: [WAR XI] Voice Acting Section

For reference purposes:

Character (10 points) - What is the role you are speaking for (i.e.: a senior, a child, a pirate, a casual observer) and do you portray that role accurately?
Commitment (10 points) - Do you maintain the same character throughout the piece? Are you expressive with your character?
Clarity (10 points) - Quality varies between mics, this simply refers to how you speak. Unless there is a part where the character is supposed to be mumbling, your words should be audible and clear.
Creativity (10 points) - In the case of creative interpretation: did you really take that slogan and own it?
In the case of the monologue: does the story really stand out as imaginative and original?


Team: Eggman Empire
Character: Portraying the role of the female reporter at the scene of a crime. Script is accurate and vocal expressions are portrayed accurately. 10 points.
Commitment: The same character is portrayed, but I wouldn't really say that was the best scene to use since it was more of a conversation than anything that required more feeling and emotion. 8 points.
Clarity: Pretty clear for the most part. I had a hard time understanding what the first few words spoken were before I looked it up on Youtube. Also, I believe the male speaker should be at a similar volume level as you are. The two weren't talking via telephone, but rather face to face, so you should try to do your best to keep the volumes the same. 7 points.
Creativity: Nothing to expressive. Just a simple conversation. I was hoping for more of a speech kind of thing, but oh well. 7 points.

Total: 32/40


Team: Awesome
First off, oh my god so many lols given.

Character: Playing the role of the primary spokesperson/singer and portrayed somewhat accurately. I'm not gonna judge the singing, but you were a little off key. ;) 10 points.
Commitment: Not sure how this part of judging applies to the theme but I'll use this spot to point something else out. For a radio commercial, your entry was pretty long. I wasn't going to tell anyone that there was specifically a time limit, but the whole thing was kind of implied. But god damn you were expressive with your character(s) at least lol. 8 points.
Clarity: The Australian guy was kinda loud and unclear with what he was saying. Maybe that was the point to advertise that they're annoying and that they should be fixed, but I shouldn't have to turn down my speakers just for that part. 7 points.
Creativity: Pretty damn creative. Kept me entertained so that's good. Your song was kinda repetitive in the lyrics though, so uhh yeah. 9 points.

Total: 34/40


Team: Revolution Uprising
Character: Playing the role spokesperson accurately. 10 points
Commitment: Kept the same role throughout, but there wasn't much expression and emotion to it. The goal of a radio commercial is to persuade the listeners into buying your product or service, or in your case, joining Team Rocket. To do that effectively, one needs to have genuine enthusiasm and that's something that I feel was missing. 6 points.
Clarity: Definitely some spots with poor mic quality especially early on. I couldn't completely understand your lines in the first few seconds. 5 points.
Creativity: I can't really say that a Team Rocket ad is creative. I was hoping for really out of the ordinary type of stuff. :( 5 points.

Total: 26/40


Team: Eggman Empire
Character: Portraying the role of the spokesperson and "customers". 10 points
Commitment: Fair amount of enthusiasm involved. Bits and pieces where the ad sounded long-winded which is something you want to avoid. 7 points.
Clarity: Fairly clear mic. I could understand it all, but it was a little too loud and shouty for my taste. 7 points.
Creativity: Well I can personally say I've never heard a radio commercial for black market drugs before so that's something lol. I also like how you included a part dedicated to playing a customer review. 7 points.

Total: 31/40


First place: Graceful_Suicune (3 points)
Second place: Winter (2 points)
Third place: Sealboy (1 point)

Sorry I couldn't come up with enough themes to make this last all 5 weeks. The entries that you guys submitted definitely were entertaining though lol. But enough of this, it's super late. Thanks everyone! :)

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