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Default Re: Velocity v Saraibre Ryu

After much deliberation~

Cayci the Galvantula [F]
Ability: Compound Eyes
Signature Move: Bioconduct Volt
The EleSpider species are masters of sapping electricity from their foes, however at long range, it is rather difficult. Trapping prey within the webs of their tesla-masterpieces let Cayci pickup on bio electrical signals through the nervous systems of her foe. By firing a thread of stick web laced in electricity, Cayci could reverse the electrical flow on contact, and sap the electricity out of the nerves of her foes. This would inevitable slow them down for a short time, unless they were already electric types to begin with. Cayci is however unable to use another Electric type move before or after this move is used.
Type: Electric
Base Power: 80
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Special
Priority: 0
Energy Modifier: 3 [Double Energy cost for Ground types]
- X Damage to foe = X Energy gained for Cayci
- Doubles energy cost for ground types, does normal damage
- Foe has -1 SPD for next action.
- If Cayci uses this against electric types, Cayci has -1SPD next action, however energy gained is X *1.5
- Energy is gained at the end of the round
- Bypasses Volt Absorb Ability
- Electric type moves used before or after this action will fail, so must wait one action before and after this move beforeanother electrical move can be used.

Usage Gap: Once every 2 rounds after energy has been added.

Tutored Moves: Reflect

Cayci start off by laying out Electroweb everywhere to make it harder for Rikki to move, and to determine where the real one is. Then once you've figured that out, use Pin Missle. If he uses Counter, use Struggle Bug instead of Pin Missle. If you haven't figured out which one is the real Rikki by then, use Faint Attack then instead.

Electroweb @ field ~ Pin Missle/Struggle Bug/Faint Attack
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