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Default Navi Town

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

Navi Town is a small, quiet riverside fishing village and the eastern entrance to Eternity Forest. The buildings here are made primarily of wood, with a few remaining old stone or brick buildings from the first settlement of Navi Town. The old buildings now house the Pokemon Trainer School and Town Hall. The large, wooden bridge has rails on either side and is a popular fishing spot, with many fishing poles leaning against the rails. A small shack next to the bridge is the fisherman’s hut, where people can go for refreshments. You can also sign up for fishing competitions here and get information about the type of Pokemon in the area. Surfing Pokemon may float down the river on the strong currents to arrive in Andromeda Town, but the current is too strong to travel north from here. The west side of the bridge leads into the gloomy darkness of Route 3.

Trainer School
An old brick building with many windows, the Navi Trainer School aims to educate new and prospective Trainers about raising, caring for and battling Pokemon. Many of the teachers are experienced Pokemon Trainers who have been on their own journeys. Many classes are held here, with lessons catered to every experience group. Pokemon tournaments for new trainers are held regularly.

A small, square shop with a blue roof. PokeBalls and other useful items can be purchased inside.

Wild Pokemon


Route 3
Route 2
Andromeda Town

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