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Default Re: The Unreal Judge of the Dark Shadows Lord Dredd's Art

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
Man, that is awesome! The idea of Bats and Spidey with their own respective Pokemon was so original! The background is awesome, and the colouring is just wow.

A bit confused on the Spidey symbol being angled differently to the shirt, as am I confused about the squiggly lines on Spidey's right arm (our left when we're looking at screen). And can I see Bats with leg hair? xD

Brilliant drawing Boss - I wanna see more! :D

First scarlet spiderman spider symbol is normally angled to the left.

As far as squiggly lines on his arm and batman legs..I think after so many days and hours of looking at the picture I thought those looked fine as wrinkle lines.

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