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Default Re: [COMIC] Pokemon: Chapaz Region

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Ooh I wonder what Mew has to do with the story. I liked the cute Nidoran in Chapter 6, too. Your comics keep getting better =)

Here's my guest star ap!

Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Sort of hyper, she loves Pokemon, especially Grass types and anything unevolved. She thinks unevolved Pokemon can be just as strong as evolved ones and works hard to prove it. She is generally cheerful and tries to get along with everyone, but she is very impatient. If someone tries to argue with her or pushes her patience she can be pretty fiery and is quick to let her Pokemon do the talking.
Preference: Battles, but she's more interested in raising Pokemon than battling
Trainer Title: Lass (Lass sprite from HGSS if possible!)
Pokemon 1: Bulbasaur, Female, named Flora
Pokemon 2: NidoranM, Male, named Quake

(If you don't want another character with a Bulbasaur, you can swap Bulbasaur for Deerling!)
Haha you'll see ;) and thanks for applying!
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