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Default Re: Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

Mara Region Cont.

#119 Stalagmitie - Huge Stone Pokemon Type: Rock
They don't move very often because their hefty weight causes them to expend large amounts of energy. Their spikes have slowly built up from water dripping down on them.

#120 Stalactitan - Giga Stone Pokemon Type: Rock
They move so slowly that Pokemon have built nests in the crevices between the spikes on their backs. While slow, they are very strong and can crush most enemies.

#121 Beedtin - Tiny Bloom Pokemon Type: Grass
They live in the intense heat of the Furnace Desert. When they bounce around on their single foot, their bodies make an upbeat rattling noise.

#122 Maractuguaro - Tempo Pokemon Type: Grass
They love the heat of the desert and are content to sunbathe all day. They swing their spike covered arms back and forth to match any beat they hear.

#123 Sqwormy - Worm Pokemon Type: Ground
They are very timid Pokemon, as they are the favorite food of many Flying Types. They spend almost all of their lives underground.

#124 Burroworm - Digging Pokemon Type: Ground
In their evolution they have developed various spikes to both help them dig and protect them from predators. They can burrow at over 100 miles per hour.

#125 Eekeek - Monkey Pokemon Type: Normal
They spend most of their lives in the canopy of Mara's jungles. They find it very amusing to swing from tree branch to tree branch.

#126 Ookook - Treetop Pokemon Type: Normal
They spend all of their lives in the treetops, and never touch the ground. They can expertly swing from branch to branch without fear of ever falling.

#127 Tadant - Tadpole Pokemon Type: Water
They love shallow pools of water, and Mara's jungle provides the perfect habitat for them. They have tiny feet, and are awkward at walking.

#128 Frogreen - Frog Pokemon Type: Water
Frogreen climb up and down the trunks of trees with their sticky feet. They can climb almost any surface and are good jumpers.

#129 Emerog - Frog Pokemon Type: Water
The holes in their arms and legs can spray powerful jets of water. Their skin is coated in a slimy substance to keep them from drying out.

#130 Litite - Globe Light Pokemon Type: Steel/Electric
They like to wander the streets of empty cities and light them up. They are often seen sleeping in burnt out street lamps.

#131 Globrite - Glowing Pokemon Type: Steel/Electric
They stick the pointed end of their tails into electrical sockets to recharge their lights. The lights give off a pleasant glow at dusk.

#132 Globrilliant - Bright Light Pokemon Type: Steel/Electric
They can blind enemies by flashing their lights in the foe's face. They are used in lighthouses around Mara to light the way for ships.

#133 Kettot - Steam Pokemon Type: Fire/Water
They love hot places, and are sometimes mistakenly placed on stoves. When steam builds up in their bodies they expell it through their tails, making a high pitched whistling noise.

#134 Steampa - Steam Pokemon Type: Fire/Water
Steam rarely builds in their bodies anymore. They are mostly filled with boiling hot water that they force out of their tails to burn enemies.

#135 Scaldron - Superheated Pokemon Type: Fire/Water
It's body temperature is over 6000 degrees F. They are sometimes seen collecting items and throwing them into the hole in their backs. Scientists are unsure why they do this.

#136 Platypoke - Inflating Pokemon Type: Water/Ground
It sucks in water or air through it's mouth and inflates its spine covered body to protect itself. It can fire the spines like small missles in any direction.

#137 Tinicano - Magma Pokemon Type: Fire/Psychic
The tiny ball above their heads is actually a ball of lava held in place by their Psychic powers. They are often found in Mt. Fuego.

#138 Midicano - Magma Pokemon Type: Fire/Psychic
They use their magma coated tails like burning whips to attack foes. They bury themselves in volcanic soil on colder days.

#139 Megacano - Volcano Pokemon Type: Fire/Psychic
They regularly erupt from all of their volcanoes because their bodies generate so much magma that they can't contain it all. Their short legs mean they move slower than most Pokemon.

#140 Hitoma - Energy Pokemon Type: Dragon/Ghost
Hitoma are often seen near fresh graves. They are believed to provide the energy needed for the new spirit to find peace.

#141 Hitomee - Spirit Pokemon Type: Dragon/Ghost
They are very loyal Pokemon, and will never leave a trainer's side once they have bonded with the person. They sometimes stare intently at nothing. Many people think they are seeing spirits.

#142 Hitotagon - Soul Guide Type: Dragon/Ghost
Hitotagon know exactly when their trainers are about to pass away. As a last act of loyalty to the trainer, these Pokemon will guide their souls once they die.

#143 Cerberablo - Vicious Pokemon Type: Dark/Fire
A legendary Pokemon said to guard the entrance to the Underworld and keep unwilling spirits from escaping. Each of the Pokemon's three heads were said to be able to view a different plane of existence.

#144 Balin - Balance Pokemon Type: Dragon/Water
She flies through the world's skies as though they were water. She is also able to swim and constantly searches the world for her lost love, Balang.

#145 Balang - Balance Pokemon Type: Dragon/Water
He swims and flies with movements that are almost identical. He scours the world for Balin in a seemingly never ending search.

#146 Terratal - Earth Spirit Pokemon Type: Ground
Terratal is the legendary spirit of the Earth, and land in the Mara Region. It is said to have shaped the mountains, caves, and plains of Mara. It is supposedly found in a deep underground cave, where it remains dormant, always watching it's Water and Electric Type counterparts.

#147 Aquatal - Water Spirit Pokemon Type: Water
Aquatal is the most serene spirit of Mara. It is said to have shaped the region's lakes and rivers and commands the all the water in Mara. Whenever a new spring appears in Mara people attribute it to Aquatal. It watches it's Ground and Electric Type counterparts with mild interest.

#148 Thuntal - Sky Spirit Pokemon Type: Electric
It reins over all of Mara's skies. In legend it was said to have used come to Mara on a great thunderbolt that charred the ground for miles. A shrine was built to honor it because of this. It is said to live in the skies, watching everything below from a giant thundercloud.

#149 Quarzion - Sleek Pokemon Type: Cyber/Dragon
In legends it was said to have given humans the first clues to creating modern technology. It is believed to live deep underground and possess the ability to tap into any technological device. It has hated Obsidiarz for many years.

#150 Obsidiarz - Jagged Pokemon Type: Dark/Dragon
It is an ancient Pokemon that is believed to have helped humans learn to cut stones and gems. It was said to only have appeared at night and it left behind jagged scars in the earth wherever it went. It hates Quarzion.

#151 Garnezent - Middleground Pokemon Type: Dragon/Fire
This Pokemon doesn't get enough credit in Mara's Legends. It was the only force strong enough to bring Quarzion and Obsidiarz to halt their fighting.

Credit to: for #'s 140-142

Please enjoy this partially done Fakedex and let me hear your feedback and ideas. Thank you. :D

Note: I reply to all my feedback, so check back for answers/replies


Mara Region Trainers
[I'd need the most help with this part, since I fail at drawing people]
Professor: Thornwood

Rosalie Thornwood

Nurse Joy

Champion: Frita

Female Trainer Concept:

Team Chrono is the most evil force in Mara. They have a vast army of grunts and other workers at their disposal, most of them former Rocket, Plazma, Magma, or Aqua grunts. They will never turn down help, and Zeus believes that they can never have too many members. Their lack of prejudice toward members has made them a popular choice for outcasts from all regions. Zeus is obssesed with Cyber Types and has every one of his scientists studying them. He believes they have some link to the future, and has learned everything he could about Quarzion and its Legends. He believes the Legendary Pokemon can help him build a great and wonderous future where he is the supreme ruler and there are no discriminations or prejudices. With the help of his higher ups, Aries and Artemis, he plans to first take over Mara, then the entire Pokemon world. Unlike other Evil Team Leaders, Zeus does not see Pokemon as simply tools. He loves each and every one of his Pokemon and knows what kind treatment can do to his Pokemon's Power levels.

Newly developed Pokeballs
Some of these would be very expensive as they would highly increase the capture rate due to special effects.

Freezeball-A ball for catching Ice Type Pokemon. It has the added effect of freezing the target if it fails to capture.

Burnball-A ball made to catch Fire Types. It leaves a burn if it fails.

Kinball-A ball for catching the evolution or pre-evolution of a Pokemon the trainer has already caught. [higher catch rate on evo and prevo]

Digitalball-A ball created to catch Cyber Type Pokemon. If it fails, and the target is a Cyber Type, it will leave the Pokemon with a Virus status.

Pokedex Concept:

These are sprites that people have kindly done for me. Note that there will probably be sprites from more than one person here, as I gladly except any sprites of my fakemon.

By Fistodragon:

By Blackpuddle on the Warriors Forums:

By Me:

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