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Talking Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

Welcome to the Mara Region! The Mara Region is the Southern-most Pokemon region and much of it is covered in thick tropical jungle. It does, however, also have some grasslands and plains to the far South, and even farther there are snow covered mountains.

Notice: Feel free to help me with this as it is incomplete. Any ideas or designs will be welcome. ^^ I may change the region name.

New Type!
The Cyber Type has been discovered in the Mara Region's computers and technical systems! Most Cyber Types are also Electric Types and most can control various, if not all, computer systems and circuitry. Well known Pokemon like Porygon have been reclassified as Cyber Types.

Mara Region Dex

#01 Bushewe - Shrubbery Pokemon Type: Grass
They are quite timid. The flowers in their fleece give off a sweet scent and the fleece has a composition that is a mix of cotton and moss. It is a popular, but somewhat expensive, material for cothing.

#02 Lambranch - Tree Pokemon Type: Grass
Their small horns are partially made of wood and spirals are added yearly to make them bigger. They have strong legs and hard hooves and will kick if startled or afraid. Leaves occasionally sprout from their shoulders

#03 Forram - Forest Pokemon Type: Grass
The larger a Forram's horns, the older they are. The females have slightly smaller horns and the occasional flower sprouts from their fleece. Every year the booming of males butting heads can be heard all over the Mara Region.

#04 Flameow - Flame Cat Pokemon Type: Fire
Their fluffy fur acts as an insulator for their heat, making them pleasantly warm to hug. While they appear to have a flame for a tail, it has been discovered that if the flame is doused a regular cat tail is left behind.

#05 Felava - Lava Cat Pokemon Type: Fire
Their tail flames flare when they are angry. They can sometimes be seen honing their claws on rocks and trees before a big battle. Lava sometimes leaks from their claws and whiskers. Trainers are advised to be careful.

#06 Purruption - Eruption Cat Pokemon Type: Fire
Their purrs sound like landslides and their roars like erupting volcanoes. Their flames are said to be able to melt almost anything and a well trained one will have thick fur and brightly hued fire.

#07 Raptide - Water Lizard Pokemon Type: Water
The small pouches in their cheeks are decorative for now. They have sharp claws and needle-like teeth. They rarely bite, but just one time is enough to deter most trainers and predators from coming back.

#08 Raptidal - Tide Lizard Pokemon Type: Water
They have strong legs and are fairly good swimmers. The colorful pouches in their cheeks now act like scuba gear, allowing them to store air for long diving periods. They swim much like crocodiles and tend to lurk like them as well.

#09 Velocunami - Tsunami Pokemon Type: Water
Their Hydro Pump attacks can break through the steel plating of ships. The coloring around their eyes and their stripes glow pleasingly in the dark water of the deep sea, attracting prey. They have a small collapsible fin on their tails to help with swimming.

#10 Zapet - Volt Pokemon Type: Elecric/Bug
Their antennai act like lightningrods they can use them to recharge during electrical storms. The newly gained electricity is stored in their bright fur. Their chirping has a crackling quality to it that many find interesting to listen to.

#11 Kricektrik - Lightning-rod Pokemon Type: Electric/Bug
The red balls on the ends of their antennai and tails glow when they are fully charged. When fighting, they chirp at an extremely loud volume to temporarily deafen the opponent. They are slow, but their kicks can be deadly if they hit.

#12 Cawnting - Tiny Crow Pokemon Type: Flying/Ghost
They play pranks on people by snapping twigs and rustling bushes late at night. They are still young, so thier ghostly powers haven't fully developed. They have the ability to fly through walls though.

#13 Crowtergeist - Paranormal Pokemon Type: Flying/Ghost
They are very intelligent and often break into people's houses and hide so they can scare them for laughs. When food or shiny objects go missing they are often the culprits, especially when nesting.

#14 Apparaven - Haunted Pokemon Type: Flying/Ghost
They are truly terrifying Pokemon, and consider themselves the kings and queens of the sky. They typically nest in abandoned buildings and will terrify and intruders with horrifying images and sounds.

#15 Tick - Clock Pokemon Type: Elecric
They are a common sight in many Mara Region homes. Thier internal alarm can be set by winding the gear on their backs. Thier ears are actually bells and ring loudly when the set time of their alarm is reached.

#16 Tock - Clock Pokemon Type: Electric/Steel
They have developed two clocks by this time in their evolution. Each clock has to be set individually by command. Thier tails have lenghened to look something like a clock's pendulum, however, they don't swing like one.

#17 Ticktock - Clock Pokemon Type: Electric/Steel
Their ticking can be quite loud at times. They greet thier trainers with a string of various chimes. They instictively hang from trees and other large objects, and their pendulum tails swing in motion to thier ticking. Their horn can be used like a sundial in the event that thier clock stops.

#18 Spyder - Spy Pokemon Type: Bug/Dark
Thier eyes look and operate just like a pair of binoculars, allowing them to zoom in on far away objects. They are often seen clinging to buildings and walls with their pink suction-cup feet.

#19 Aracovert - Covert Pokemon Type: Bug/Dark
Despite thier ridiculous appearance, they are actually quite good at sneaking around and spying on people. They tap out messages to their trainers using their delicate, but sturdy silk and morse code.

# 20 Hummini - Humming Pokemon Type: Flying
One of the Mara Region's many jungle dwellers, Hummini are clumsy fliers and usually stay close to the ground. They use their long black beaks to drink nectar. They are very popular among female trainers as they are adorable.

#21 Hummibrant - Vibrant Pokemon Type: Grass/Flying
Their feathers are coated in a light layer of moss, keeping them warm in the cooler winter months. Their strong wings are capable of beating at over 600 times per minute. A male Hummibrant's colors are more vivid than a female's.

#22 Glacicle - Icy Pokemon Type: Ice
Though they aren't always apparent, Glacicle have two arms with three rounded finger-like appendages on them. They are very curious Pokemon and have been known to guide lost travelers to villages during storms.

#23 Giglacier - Ice Mountain Pokemon Type: Ice
They are present in many ice centered myths in the Mara Region, including one from Snow's Breath Village that implies that it was Giglacier that formed the glacial mountains that surround the village to protect it.

#24 Flappy - Flag Pokemon Type: Normal
They are most often found at the region's airports, helping to land planes. Thier flags and cones light up at night or during bad storms to allow pilots to see the ground. They can prop themselves up on their tails to get a better view. The tails act as working flagpoles and trainers like to hang thier personal banners on them.

#25 Prysm - Colorful Pokemon Type: Normal
The orbs and crystals on thier bodies reflect light in the seven colors of the rainbow. By using internal crystals, they can channel the light into powerful rainbow colored blasts. They like sunlight and are more active in the daytime.

#26 Nimboal - Foal Pokemon Type: Normal/Flying
Thier manes are so soft to the touch that many people believe they are made of clouds. It is a popular myth that Nimboal are clouds that have taken on a solid form. Though they appear to be dancing while moving, they are actually incredibly fast.

#27 Mair - Sky Mare Pokemon Type: Water/Flying
Only female Nimboal evolve into Mair. They are very elegant and women often keep them as pets. They can fade away into clouds if they have stored enough water in their flowing mane and tail.

#28 Thundallion - EleStallion Pokemon Type: Electric/Flying
They are only male. Thundallion can be heard running across the sky, their hooves booming like thunder. They are said to be the commanders of storms and togther with Mair bring forth the region's rainy seasons.

#29 Twikig - Tiki Pokemon Type: Grass
Few people have seen their whole face, though they lift their masks far enough for their mouths to be seen when they eat. They can curl their small bodies behind their masks, which are quite hard, to deflect attacks.

#30 Groviki - Tiki Pokemon Type: Grass
Though they are a grass type, they have the capability to use some fire type moves. Rattata and other small pokemon sometimes nest in their grass tufts. Groviki anger easily and will put curses and use Vine Whip's on intruders.

#31 Gazall - Gazelle Pokemon Type: Normal
Though small, they are very fast and can easily evade predators and other threats. They are seldom taller than the grasses of the grasslands and they may sometimes be seen leaping up out of it to check their surroundings.

#32 Impaleap - Leaping Pokemon Type: Normal
They have very hard hooves and most pokemon run when they spook and stampede. They are capable of jumping very long distances and can be over a thousand feet away in two or three bounds.

#33 Iboundex - Bounding Pokemon Type: Normal/Fighting
Their legs are incredibly strong and a single kick can topple a building. They do not seek out fights, but can be aggressive to anything they see as a threat or rival. They lock horns with others to test their strength and decide the leader of the herd.

#34 Eucoala - Koala Pokemon Type: Grass
They are very slow moving Pokemon and they sleep for many hours. Most of their time awake is spent eating leaves. They are considered very cute, and are actually smart despite thier appearance.

#35 Koalyptus - Koala Pokemon Type: Grass/Fighting
They are much more active than their pre-volutions, climbing trees vigorously every day. The tree on their back is sometimes home to Hummini and other bird Pokemon who see it as a free nest. Though they have short arms they can deal rapid punches in short succession.

#36 Centini - Guard Pokemon Type: Dark/Steel
Even though they are Dark Types, they have a strong sense of justice and many work side by side with Officer Jenny and other Police forces. They can run at a quick pace and are able to throw their spears fairly accurately.

#37 Centador - Crusader Pokemon Type: Dark/Steel
They make excellent guards and many trainers trust them for protection from wild Pokemon at night. There are many legends about Centador galloping in to save people in danger and it is a widely loved pokemon.

#38 Toxulf - Toxic Wolf Pokemon Type: Poison
They are very territorial and will spit poison goo at intruders or bite them with poisonous fangs. The vats on their backs house many toxic chemicals and they constantly bubble and belt out purple smoke.

#39 Lycanoxious - Toxic Wolf Pokemon Type: Poison/Dark
They roam the woods at night looking for intruders into their territory. They shift to all fours and fire chemical blasts from the vats on their backs when confronted. If this fails they will strike with poison claws or fangs.

#40 Werewaste - Toxic Wolf Pokemon Type: Poison/Dark
They sport a biohazard symbol with good reason. The smoke from the geyser like vats on their backs is horribly poisonous and will kill plants if they are close enough to be engulfed by it. It can fire powerful jets of poison from these vats.

#41 Dolphean - Dolphin Pokemon Type: Water
They love to swim in the open ocean and rarely travel into bays or harbors. They adore playing with boats and will jump out of the water just to see the expressions on people's faces when they do.

#42 Oceorka - Orca Pokemon Type: Water/Ice
They have no trouble seeing around the shells on their faces, as the shells come off easily. They like shiny objects and will collect them in caves throughout their migration route. They spend lots of time in the cold antarctic waters to the South.

#43 Snoppard - Snow Leopard Pokemon Type: Ice
They use their long tails as a form of communication. They are silent hunters and don't like to be out in the open for very long. Their small claws are rectractable and always coated in a hard layer of ice.

#44 Frigipard - Snow Leopard Pokemon Type: Ice
They have excellent hearing and are rarely, if ever, seen. They have strong legs for trudging through heavy snow and climbing over the frozen rocks in their habitat. They are often poached for their exquisite fur.

#45 Leopizzard - Snow Leopard Pokemon Type: Ice
So few have been seen that they have become more of a story than an actual Pokemon. They can lash their long tails with crushing force, despite them being covered in lush fur. Their paws have become so weathered that they are now frozen solid and covered in ice. The Pokemon typically lose feeling in them after this point.

#46 Lemoor - Lemur Pokemon Type: Grass
They live close to the jungle floor and forage for nuts and berries. Their fluffy and sweet appearance is often a rouse, much like Murkrow. to fool predators into following them. Once followed, they lead the hunters deep into the jungle where they soon get lost.

#47 Heathtail - Lemur Pokemon Type: Grass/Ground
They can swing their long tails with hefty force. They are very fast climbers and diggers and are the best of the best at fighting on the ground. They use their powerful tails and strong legs to deal ground shaking moves to throw enemies off balance.

#48 Troppa - Fruit Pokemon Type: Grass
They are the pre-volution of Tropius. Though they are large, they are also very heavy and eat fruit near the ground. As a result, the small indigo fruit at their neck is very spicy and invigorating. They have leaf-like wings, but are too heavy to lift themselves.

#49 Tropicalus - Fruit Pokemon Type: Grass/Flying
The evolution of Tropius, they are able to fly on their massive wings but are so heavy that they rarely do. They have little need to anyway. They eat the fruit off the canopy and their heads can be seen poking above it on occasion. Their fruit is considered a delicacy and just one can feed a hundred people.

#50 Tazmoon - Fossil Canine Pokemon Type: Dark
A Pokemon resurrected from a fossil, unlike Cubone the skulls they wear are fused to their faces and cannot be removed. The have thick teeth and their bites can be quite painful. They like the nighttime best.

#51 Tazmanite - Fossil Canine Pokemon Type: Dark
They roamed the outback in ancient times. Resurrected ones can sometimes be seen in zoos. They are very dark Pokemon and the bones on their bodies can be fired like tiny spears and re-attached later.

#52 Dodo - Ancient Bird Pokemon Type: Normal
They are of reletively low intelligence, but can be taught simple commands. They do not have the ability to fly, but can run at fast speed with their powerful legs. Their large beaks sometimes cause them to tilt their heads from the weight.

#53 Dododon - Ancient Bird Pokemon Type: Normal/Flying
They became smarter with evolution and if more than one of them get togther, they will form a hunting pack and search for Rattata. The still cannot fly, but can use flying type moves and are very powerful because they are almost solid muscle. They use the claws on their wings for attacking.

#54 Tigrowl - Sabertooth Pokemon Type: Ground
They covered much of the Mara Region in ancient times and were recently revived from fossils. They sometimes have trouble eating because they can't open their mouths wide enought to fit their saber teeth over food.

#55 Sabriger - Sabertooth Pokemon Type: Ground
They are heavily muscled and hunted in prides. Their skeletons are on display in museums in various regions. They sharpen their teeth on rocks and by chewing on old bones from past hunts.

#56 Churglass - Stained Glass Pokemon Type: Normal
They are most often seen in churches in Mara, and will defend their decided church from vandals and intruders who enter the church grounds. They love to eat broken glass and can sometimes be seen wandering church grounds at night.

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