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Default Re: [WAR XI] Creative Writing Section -- (Week 5 Theme Announced) Week 4 Judged

Username: Winter
Team: Eggman Empire
Entry: Waltz for the Moon
Link to Entry:
...Where to begin here... Well, while the piece does feature waltzing, its name was taken from a song that plays to a scene in Final Fantasy VIII which inspired this piece since I've been playing waaay too much Theatrhythm. In the scene this song play to, the main character, Squall, is forced to dance with a girl who refuses to take no for answer at a party. His dancing starts off horribly, and ends pretty decently.

It's mentioned by Looker in Black and White that N and his dragon were seen in a distant region, this idea ended up landing him and his Zekrom (I played Black) in Sinnoh, where Sophia ended up at some point... I imagine here being 17 or so here...and yes, this is the five year-old from Goodbyes Are Hard, just older.

Fun fact: N's full name is Natural Harmonia Gropius...see why he didn't want to share it with Sophia now?

Another fun fact: N is said to stand in at about 5' 11", Sophia's about 5' 8".

While I don't know much about N's or your previous hero's roles in B/W 2, I can certainly see him eventually seeking out the protagonist of Black/White and apologizing... Coincidentally, I went with the female protagonist here because that was the gender of my player character. XD

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