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Default Re: [WAR XI] Creative Writing Section -- (Week 5 Theme Announced) Week 4 Judged

Username: Sealboy
Team: The Eggman Empire
Entry: Killing the Innocent
Link: Clicky
This is supposed to be a "what if" about if the Earth was a living, aware being that retaliates to us. Humankind has been polluting the Earth for so long now, and in this it's close to death. It's supposed to indicate the transition between the lush green of the past to the barren fields of the future. The innocent may be predicted as the narrator, but they are just to symbolise the guilty of mankind. The innocent is, in fact, the Earth due to the fact that it's harboured us and done no wrong. The narrator is supposed to be anonymous - it's to suggest that it could be anyone who contributes to the planet's downfall. Yeah... 'nuff said, and this bit here was rushed xD Enjoy.

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