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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

So if someone tortures you, that gives you the right to torture them back? No, it doesn't work like that.

As for it being their loss, it really isn't. There's no point in a legit player fighting someone with perfect, hacked Pokemon. It's an unfair advantage.

And not everyone uses AR. You can't say "so many use it" without proper proof and research. At most, I'd say 50%, but I doubt it's that high, actually.

Efficiency doesn't make something right, either. It's more efficient to run red lights and stop signs and to tailgate to save fuel, but that doesn't make it ethical - or in this case safe.

I'm against AR in all but the more gentle uses (like cloning say, EV Wings, or creating a Pokemon with non perfect IVs. Or as Ty said, to breed onto offspring, and then releasing the parents). Sorry.
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