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Brothers In Binds Continued...

The door did lead underneath the keep. The air was moist and dank. There little light except for the occasional torch leading the way down the dark hall. "I think this leads to the dungeons," Ralof said softly.

At the end they reached a door. It was wooden and barely on it's hinges. They heard voices inside. Smoothly as he could, Revak drew his sword. Ralof did the same with his axe. Revak raised his finger to his lips. Ralof nodded as Revak slowly grasped the door handle and pushed.

The smell inside was strong with carrion. Revak stepped forward, the door was on the opposite side of a wall. On the other side he heard a soft voice, "Shhh shhh shhhh little ones! You're safe here. Old Lex will take care of you. Safe in your cages. You'll sing for Lex! Oh such beautiful songs!" the voice was soft and sinister, with a crack of insanity. What was this old man doing? Did he really have no idea that a dragon was attacking the keep?

Revak looked back at Ralof, who urged him forward, his eyes full of disgust. As Revak turned the corner he saw what almost made him gag. Cages hung from the ceiling. Some held bodies, but others only bits and pieces. On the other wall lay a table full of sinister tools. Revak didn't even know what some of them were. At the table stood an elderly Imperial mage, who was using a towel to remove the blood from his arms. On the other side of the room there was another door. Revak pointed at the Nord in the cage. On three, Revak mouthed. He held up his fingers, One, two, three, and just as they were about to charge the old man there was a crash at the other door.

A Nord woman wearing Stormcloak mail burst through the door with her bow drawn followed by another Stormcloak. With a throaty cry she released her arrow, missing the old Imperial by inches. He turned and fired a stream of electricity. She ducked and the electricity was absorbed by the wall behind her. Revak and Ralof charged in as well, surrounding the Imperial.

The old man cackled, "Oh look! Enough for a choir!" fire started gathering in his fists, the old mage smiled wickedly, "Oh the songs! The beautiful cries! A symphony!" He threw a wall of flame, knocking them all back. Revak saw stars as his head hit the stone floor. Shaking away the pain in his head he charged the old mage, who now held a dagger in his hand.

With the ease of a veteran Revak disarmed the mage, and before the mad old Imperial even knew what had happened Revak's blade pressed against throat. "Arkay guide you," Revak mumbled as he drove his sword through the man's throat. A crazed smile was imprinted on the old mage's face, and with one last gurgle he fell to the floor and moved no more.

With a sigh Revak used the mage's robe to clear his blade of the gore. Then sheathed it as he heard the others getting to their feet. Revak turned and offered his arm to Ralof who grudingly accepted it, rubbing the back of his head. The Stormcloak woman was getting up as well, though her companion moved no more. Blood pooled around his head, Revak knew instantly that he'd landed in a bad way. With a silent curse and a prayer Revak approached the fallen Stormcloak and closed his eyes.

"He was a good man," said the woman, "and a good soldier."

Revak nodded, "Sadly he'll have to stay here," she nodded solemly.

"Are you all right, Sigrid? What's going on outside?" Ralof asked the woman.

"I got a couple bruises from landing and a burn from the flames, but nothing serious." She shuddered, "The whole village is lost, that monster is picking off soldiers one by one and destroying the entire keep. The only way out is the way we came, but I think it's been blocked," she said as she removed her helm, revealing her light brown hair and light eyes. She picked up her former companion's axe and placed it on his chest, folding his hands over it, "Dagar, I'll see you in Sovngarde, brother." Sigrid turned to Revak, "We'd come to get any prisoners out of this wretched place," she looked disheartened, "but I think we were too late."

"We need to get out of here before that damned dragon drops the entire keep on us. I told you I used to be sweet on a girl from here? She and I would meet in some caverns below the keep. I could get in without her parent's even knowing I was here. There might be a way to get in from here,"Ralof suggested.

Revak shrugged, "Might as well try." He looked at the Sigrid, "You ready to go?"

She scoffed, "Me? Next Imperial I see is dead."

Revak tried to ignore that. "Good," he laughed quietly as they left the torture chamber behind them. Revak took the lead, the other two in tow. They found themselves in a winding hallway, and Revak guessed by the smell of dirt and water they were pretty deep underground.

"A little ways down there's another path, we came from there. It connects to the main hall, " Ralof explained.

Revak nodded as they continued. They were silent for a time, as they continued, until they reached and intersection of the tunnels. They continued, following Ralof's memory of the keep. It opened up into a doorway, leading down some small stairs and into small underground stream.

"Is this it?" Revak turned to Ralof.

"Must be," he shrugged, "I never knew how she got down into the caverns, just that they were there"

They followed the stream to a dead end, the only path being a small tunnel, "Guess we have to go that way," Revak said softly, "let's go."

The tunnel was too small for them to walk through normally. Instead they had to walk sideways, almost crawling along the wall. Luckily, that little tunnel was short and opened up into a large cavern; but something felt off. There was some weird sticky material along the walls and floor, and large sacks of something Revak didn't recognize were littered about, as well as the leftovers of animals. The three stood there silent for a moment. Revak drew his sword, as did the others draw their weapons. Just as they did three shapes fell from the cavern's ceiling.

Three frostbite spiders landed in front of them. They were large green and red beasts that were the size of a large dog. "Watch out for poison!" Revak cried as he dodged a spider that had charged him. He sidestepped the eight legged monstrosity and slashed at one of it's legs as it past; severing the leg from the body. The creature cried out in pain and lunged at Revak again, this time it jumped in the air. With a cry he slashed at it mid-air and the spider fell to the ground in front of him, cut nicely in half. The others dispatched their spiders, and the three stood catching their breath.

"I hate those things," Ralof grunted between breaths, "too many eyes you know?" Revak laughed as he wiped his blade clean and sheathed it. He was careful to avoid the webs they continued down the cavern, and into a large open area where they met the stream again. The water lead them to an opening. Revak smiled as he breathed in the scent of pine and fresh snow. They'd made it out.

They stood there, soaking in their freedom, "Thank the Nine we made it," Ralof said, as he turned to the others, "I wonder if Ulfric made it out."

"He's Ulfric! He shouted the high king to death. I'm sure he can survive a dragon attack," Sigrid said with a smile, "I mean we did."

Revak smiled, but then heard that the similar roar of the dragon once again, "Everyone DOWN!" he cried as he pushed the others to the ground just as a large black figure soared overhead. Revak checked and saw that the dragon was flying North and away.

"By the gods," Ralof whispered. They watched in silence as the dragon flew over the mountains and out of sight. A shiver went down Revak's spine, that had to have been Alduin. The only other dragon he'd seen that size was Akatosh himself. It was unnerving that he'd run into Alduin already. He wondered if the worm had noticed him. If he could sense him at all. It was an unsettling thought that he didn't know for sure.

Attn: Revamped, but not much. Previous readers will note that I combined two chapters here.

From this point onward there will be character switches, usually at least three per chapter. Though not regularly for about two chapters. Also there will new characters soon.

Note that in between perspectives there may be large time differences. Things might be happening at the same time, an hour later, or a week later. I'll tell you either in text or in notifications.

Also Talos will be known as 'Revak' from now on.
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