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Default Re: King of the Hill

You can't USE Awesomeness or else the Lameness weakens. Like flicking me to knock me out when I was at full health. That was F***ING AWESOME!! (Even if I just came right back up with the Fairy in a Bottle). I then force you to drink a potion of Attack Restraint, which bottoms out your attack to 0 (preventing damage: you need at least 1 point in attack to attack at all) without a massive Awesomeness stat (as to be so awesome you can f*** all restraint), which you cannot do: Your Awesomeness Stat is absurdly terrible as the Lame King. While you think of some kind of way to circumvent this, I get Avalon to take you out with the power of the Void, which is your only inescapable weakness (well, it's everyone's inescapable weakness except Avalon's, but who cares?)

Avalon: SCREW YOU!!! SCREW YOU SO HARD!!! *Rips Sheepat to tiny pieces with the Void*

MY HILL-wait, Gold's on it now?

Avalon: *Rips Gold into tiny pieces with the Void as well*

Well, that solves that.

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