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Default Re: King of the Hill

YOU CAN'T DIE IN THIS GAME. YOU CAN SURVIVE BEING ABORTED FROM F***ING TIME. And while unconsious, you can still be fed Rare Candies in the Pokemon Games, as well as use HMs and whatnot...Oh, yhea. Almost forgot who'd had to give the the Candies to eat...

Pit: Eat up! *Shoves Rare candies into his mouth*

*Resumes physical consiousness*

So your reason above is invalid, and I still have the hill...But considering you somehow came back from being blown into the deepest reaches of outer space, I think another thing must be in order. Your old friends must give you another visit...And by 'old friends,' I mean the Samurai and the Warlords, whom I all revive with Life 2!

Samurai/Warlords: GHRAAAAA!!! NINJA MASTER!!!!

They get their buffs for spotting you and chase you off the hill, and the Samurai and Warlords use a Sonic Cleave to hit you regardless of speed or distance. You faint miles away from the hill, now my own again.

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