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Default [GAME] Word Switch


Welcome to Word Switch! Have a large vocabulary, or want to learn some new words? This is the place to be!

Aim of the game:

The aim of the game is simple. At the beginning of the game, a word will be given. Using the following instructions, change the word to any word you wish. You must also give its definition. The next person to post must create a new word and also post that word's definition.

  • Take the word from the post above you. You may do one of the following:
    - Change one letter anywhere in the word.
    - Add one letter anywhere in the word.
    - Remove one letter anywhere in the word.
    - Change the position of any of the letters in the word.
  • After you have formed a new word, please include its definition.

  • Upon each post, members must take the word from the post above them and change them using the instructions above.
  • Include a definition with your word. This can be found on many dictionary websites, Google (using the 'define: "word"' search or a dictionary if you own one).
  • All words should come from the English language. We are an English speaking forum, please do not use foreign words.
  • All questions should be PM'd or VM'd to me.
  • If this thread has not been posted in for a week, a new word will be given and the game will restart.
  • No words from the same page can be repeated.
  • Profanity or curse words are banned and will not be tolerated.

Example posts:

Originally Posted by Starting Post
Definition: Each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand (or five if the thumb is included).
Originally Posted by Poster 2
Finger -> Singer
Definition: A person who sings, especially professionally.
Originally Posted by Poster 3
Singer -> Singe
Definition: To burn something superficially or lightly.
There are more exciting words than the ones I used in the examples; let's get creative! :P

All ready? Let's begin!:

Definition: the possibility of suffering harm or injury.

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