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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

While I agree with what your saying TE, its not a necessarily true for the battling center. WFL League being the exception. The term Legal Hacks is used from pokemon created with the AR device. These pokemon have been used on this forum for years at least as far as clan wars and tournies go. What we consider against the rules are pokemon created with stats that are illegal or not possible. Those hacked pokemon would a person kicked out of a clan and possibly a temp ban. Nintendo events considers all AR created pokemon illegal, but forum battles and clans have always had a relationship with the device as long as it wasnt mis used.
Now I agree that creating perfect IV/EV pokemon for the WFL was wrong because it defeats the whole purpose and gives someone an unfair advantage, but I would never give someone an infraction for using a legal hack in a war or clan battle. Its just to common and their are sav'd pokemon all over the place. If you ever traded for a shiny pokemon chances are thats hacked.

There is a way to get perfect IVs without the using the AR called RNG abuse. A person who learns how to do this can create perfect pokemon that are untouched by AR. just something to think about.

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