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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

Okay, yes, this all makes sense. However, using the AR in instances that ban it is not ethical in any situation. You will get in trouble. The reason you had lost your modship is because you did it without remorse in a place that stated it was banned and you would be severely punished if it was used. EVs/IVs were pointless there anyways. In competitive battling however, using the AR might be a fast, simple way to train your Pokemon if you do not over do it. Again though, in competitive battling, in most instances, it is banned. Period. There is no way around it without consequence. If the rules do not ban the use of the AR, and your opponents agree to it, then by all means go for it. Your mistake for one was telling on yourself. We all had reason to believe you had hacked Pokemon in the league anyways. This doesn't mean you should have used it, it just means even if you did, admitting to it was not the smartest idea. I do not mean to come across as using it was okay by any means. Two, using it was banned anyways. You shouldn't have used it at all. No one else (to our current knowledge) did. I did use the Action Replay to hack Pokemon and breed them for my League team. However, I confronted Sarah about this and she said that it was fine, since you can't really pass down "hacked genes". I did not hack any stats, Pokemon, or any other matter for my WFL team. I released the parents after the bred egg was finished. I also used the AR to change genders if I pleased. This did not alter the Pokemon's stats or it's ability to participate in battle in any way what-so-ever. Using the AR for those purposes in the WFL would be the only acceptable cases in my book. Because of using the AR, you are banned from the WFL, WAR XI Wi-Fi Battling, and a few other cases. I admit I have a Wonder Tomb. Though, I do not use it in battles outside the Subway Station at all. I only used it to get BP. I did not use it on any kind of Wi-FI battle, or Infrared Connection battle. Yes, using the AR in Smogon maybe acceptable. But in PE2K, if the rules state otherwise, then please, do not use the AR. You must understand this before further actions cause you to get in worse trouble.
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