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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Kol and Kotomi remained talking on the bench for a few minutes before Aiden had arrived there. The two Vampires talked about what happened at the Gilbert house, Kotomi learning that Kol had actually tried to stop his two siblings from going and wanted to come up with a different plan. She also learned that Kol didn't use any of his Power to make the house burst into flames; Rebekah and Finn were the ones who did everything while Kol watched, wishing that his brother and sister would just listen to him for once.

After learning this information Kotomi studied Kol's face for any lies and looked into his aura, as well as listen to his heartbeat, resulting that Kol was telling the truth. When Kotomi felt like she could trust Kol a little bit more she opened up briefly, telling Kol about the compulsion with Diana.

“What’s going on here? If you‘ve come to try and kidnap her again I swear I‘ll kick your ass this time.” Both Kol and Kotomi looked at the source of the voice, seeing Aiden.

"Well hello there mate." Kol said with a smirk, standing up from the bench to stand his ground. "The only way you'll kick my ass is if you compel me, but what I've heard, you like compelling other Supernatural beings, huh?" Kotomi quickly stood up as Kol took a step closer to Aiden, giving the red haired teen a guilty look for telling Kol what had happened with Diana.

"That's enough, Kol." Kotomi warned, only bringing Kol's smirk to widen; he loved starting fights.

"Or maybe you'll just compel Kotomi to leave, taking away her free choice." Kol commented with fire burning in his eyes. Kotomi quickly got in between the two males and placed a hand over Aiden's.

"It's okay, Aiden." Kotomi said. Before she could say anything else however she felt a change in her emotions, the smirk instantly leaving Kol's face as he watched Kotomi's aura absorbing some of the anger from Aiden's aura. Kol quickly pulled Kotomi away from Aiden so she wasn't touching him anymore, turning her around so the two could face each other.

"Stay still." Kol instructed to Kotomi, keeping his hands on her shoulders as he 'healed' Kotomi's aura again. Once her aura was back to normal Kotomi sighed, feeling better now.

"Thanks." Kotomi said.

"No problem. We really need to work on you controlling that." Kol responded, releasing his hands from her shoulders.

"What happens if I don't learn to control it?" Kotomi asked.

"The darkness can drive you mad, as in pretty fricken insane. It's very important that I help you through this." Kol looked down, remembering a girl he wasn't able to save. Kotomi sensed this as well.

"Does it have to do with my Vampire Bloodline?" Kotomi asked.

"It might." Kol said as he looked up at her. "Do you know what Bloodline you're from?"

"No... the only thing I know is that I'm not from Klaus'. Maybe I'm from yours?" Kol shook his head.

"You aren't because I would had sensed it. An Original is able to sense every Vampire from their own personal Bloodline, so I'll ask Rebekah, Kevin or Finn." Kol said, then looking over to Aiden. "Did you know that? That you can sense every Vampire from your Bloodline? Have you even turned a person before?" Kol asked mockingly as the smirked returned, bringing Kotomi to give Kol a warning look.

Ashley and Bonnie left the house and got into one of the cars parked in front, Ashley driving as she sped away in the direction towards the morgue. It was going to take about a half hour to get there, which seemed to be too long.

"Thank you for coming with me." Bonnie said.

"It's no problem. Ichiru can watch the girls and make them breakfast once they wake up." Ashley said with a smile.

"Well that's good." Bonnie said with a small laugh, although in the back of her mind she knew that once Jeremy came home then her and Jeremy would have to make the secret funeral arrangements for Kenny. Ashley picked up on this, bringing her to give a frown.

"Bonnie... are you sure compelling Diana was the best thing?" Ashley asked.

"You saw the way she was; she won't survive another death. When her boyfriend Adam died Diana almost lost her life." Bonnie responded, looking out the window.

"What happened?" Ashley asked in shock.

"A few days after Adam's funeral Diana got completely drunk one night, so she drove her car right off of Wickery Bridge and almost died." Bonnie explained.

"That's the same bridge I almost died on when my adoptive parents ran the car over the railing..."

"Well there was a guy walking his dog on the bridge the same time Diana drove the car into the lake. He was able to get her out, though by the time she arrived at the hospital she slipped into a deep coma. I was on shift that day so I was actually her doctor, and when I found out that she was in a coma the other doctors didn't know how long she would stay in it for. I took a vile of Vampire blood that I have stashed away and injected her with it, and then the next day she woke up completely fine." Bonnie paused, finally looking over to Ashley. "Even with Damon and everyone supporting her, Diana won't survive Kenny's death. I know already that she'll try to actually kill herself this time because of the bond she shared with her little brother. I can't lose another child."

"Then... the compulsion was the right thing to do." Ashley said with a nod.

"Yeah." Bonnie agreed. "I'm really grateful though that Jeremy is coming back, because I'm pregnant again. Jeremy and I just found out about a week ago but Diana doesn't know yet."

"You're pregnant again?" Ashley said with a large smile, to which Bonnie laughed and nodded.

Once the girls finally got to the morgue they walked inside, Ashley using her compulsion to get directions as to where they were keeping Jeremy's body, and then compelling that Jeremy was never dead and that only Kenny died in the fire. Bonnie and Ashley then entered a room that was emptied from the staff members, this being the room where Jeremy's body was being kept.

"Alright, you go use your compulsion on everyone here and also get them to show you the list of people who were at the crime scene. We need to track them down and compel them too." Bonnie said. Ashley nodded, walking down the hallway as Bonnie entered the room and locked the door. There was a body on a metal table hidden underneath a white sheet. Bonnie walked over and slowly peeled away the sheet from the body's head, revealing Jeremy. She pulled the sheet more so it was just covering his waist, seeing that all of his skin had grown back from the ring.

"Everything is going to be okay now." Bonnie said, looking down at the ring that remained on his finger. She was also grateful that not only the ring protecting from a Supernatural death, but also prevents the ring from being destroyed as well. Bonnie needed to speed up the awakening process however, hovering her hand over the ring and closing her eyes, mumbling Latin words to herself. After a few moments Jeremy's eyes snapped open and gasped for air, quickly sitting up and looking around the room for a brief moment before looking at Bonnie.

"What the hell happened?" Jeremy asked as he still caught his breath, though Bonnie didn't say anything as she wrapped her arms around Jeremy tightly.

"There's a lot of explaining to do, but first we need to get out of here." Bonnie said, releasing Jeremy and looking around the room for something to wrap around Jeremy's waist since the only thing covering his exposed body was a sheet. After a few moments she sighed, looking back at Jeremy. "Just keep the sheet wrapped around you for now." A knock then was heard from the door, Ashley standing there as Bonnie quickly unlocked it.

"Jeremy!" Ashley said as she quickly ran to her brother, hugging him tightly as well. "Let's get home, now."

"Are Kenny and Diana okay?" Jeremy asked as the three of them left the room.

"Kenny threw himself between a fireball and Diana... he's dead, Jeremy. He died saving her." Bonnie said with sorrow, bringing anger to flash through Jeremy's eyes as the three of them got to the car, Jeremy sitting in the back.

"All of those Originals are dead! I'm going to rip them apart!" Jeremy growled. Bonnie and Ashley looked at each other, knowing they had to fill Jeremy in on everything, even with Diana being compelled. This was not going to be an enjoyable half hour car ride home...
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