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Default Re: [WAR XI] Creative Writing Section -- (Week 5 Theme Announced) Week 4 Being Judged


Since Sight is not available, I have been asked to judge Week 4. Here are the results! I may also be judging for Week 5. I also just write a small summary of what I thought of each sentence since I'm not the official judge.

Enaku_Kumori - Story really went well with the title and theme. No errors as far as I could tell, but however, I am not a grammar nazi. XD The story progressed really well with emotion and passion. I also really liked this story. It was somewhat dark, but seemeed to be written with passion.

Recommendation: Provide more detail of characters. Maybe even add a brief background. ;D

Winter - This story was actually somewhat heartwarming. Seth and Riika seemed to be very good friends; like those on a real adventure. The emotions and actions represented by the characters were very realistic. The story really had me sucked in from the start! I saw no errors, but again, not a grammar nazi. This one was really passionate about her work, and it really showed.

Recommendation: Add some more basic details about your characters. :)

Saraibre Ryu - Wow, just wow. This author's story was painted well in the art of Creative Writing. You could tell Saraibre wrote about something she was really passionate about; Dragons. Her sotry flowed awesomely, and you knew exactly what she meant. No errors, flowed well, just wow!

Recommendation: None! I really enjoyed it!

Brainiac - A great story! It's title led up at the end. I saw no errors and the sotry was well maintained. Nice work! You really had a nice story, and it was a pleasure to read.

Recommendation: All I can say is provide more detail. :)

Grassy_Aggron - I really felt something in this story. I had almost burst in tears along with the main character. The story progressed well with a heartbreaking line and ending. There were no errors to my concern and this story progressed well all through-out. This story was the one that really sucked me in. I couldn't stop reading from the start.

Recommendation: STOP CRUSHING HEARTS. ;~; </3


1st Place(3 Points): Grassy_Aggron
2nd Place(2 Points): Saraibre Ryu
3rd Place(1 Point): Winter


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