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Default Hurt and Heal: Hoenn Legendaries

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Ladies and Gentlemen! Having absorbed the powers of Celebi, Ho-Oh, and the three Legendary Beasts, I give you the Champion of Johto...LUGIA!!!

*Victory Fanfare plays*

Now, let's tarry on to Hoenn. When that comes, anyways.
Indeed. Lugia joins Mewtwo in the finals. However now we shift ourself towards the region of Hoenn, home of Skitty on a Wailord.

Same rules, however if you don't know them. Hurt by taking 1 away, heal by adding 1. Remember you are trying to keep your favourite legendary alive.

Champion of Kanto: Mewtwo
Champion of Johto: Lugia
Champion of Hoenn: ?
Champion of Sinnoh: ?
Champion of Unova: ?


Latios: 10
Latias: 10
Regirock: 10
Regice: 10
Registeel: 10
Groudon: 10
Kyogre: 10
Rayquaza: 10
Jirachi: 10
Deoxys Forms: 10

Let's start this.