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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"I understand." Diana finally responded in a trance-like state. Aiden rose back to his feet with a sigh, knowing the compulsion had worked. Shortly after, Diana blinked and rubbed her eyes, the entire group seemingly speechless from what had just happened.

"Are you okay?" Damon asked as he wrapped an arm around her while Aiden quietly walked over to a couch and sat down.

"I'll be fine." Diana responded with a nod. "I'm just really happy that my dad is coming back." She gave a small smile, which Damon returned, and Kiseki averted his gaze to the ground. He couldn’t believe they had actually let Aiden compel Diana. Even Ichiru seemed to be emitting negative emotions in response to it. But of course, everyone’s reactions was to be expected. They had never known compulsion to be a good thing; the last run-in they had had with it was when Klaus compelled Ichiru - and that had been hell for everyone.

"We're gonna start heading out now." The twins were snapped out of their thoughts as Ashley and Bonnie returned downstairs, the latter being the one to speak. "When we come back we'll have Jeremy with us."

"We'll be waiting." Lexi responded, the two girls leaving shortly after.

"I need some air... again." Everyone looked at Kotomi as she walked away from where she had been standing by the window, leaving the house silently. Kiseki gave a soft sigh, knowing exactly what was wrong.

You should go talk to her. He told Aiden telepathically, the Original glancing at him in question. She’s probably upset about you compelling Diana.

Aiden was still for a few more moments, not quite understanding why she would be so upset about what he had done despite the fact that it had seemed a little wrong to do. However, after a few more minutes, he got up as well, leaving the house quietly. Even without him saying anything, it was clear where he was going.

At first, Aiden didn’t know which way to go since Kotomi had left with her Vampire speed, but as he walked down the street at a normal pace, he could sense Supernatual beings nearby. However, one of them appeared to be the level of an Original, along with that of a normal Vampire. This alarmed the red haired teen, leading him to think that Rebekah or one of the other Originals had turned on what they had said and come back for Kotomi.

With this thought in mind, Aiden shot in the direction of the presence like a bullet, arriving at the park only seconds later. It took him a few moments, but he finally spotted Kotomi only a few feet away, sitting on one of the park’s benches. However, what shocked him was the fact that none other than Kol was sitting right beside her. It didn’t appear as though he was currently threatening her, since Aiden somehow didn’t sense any bad intentions coming from the other Original. However, considering what had happened before, his guard was still up as he walked over to the two at a normal pace, giving the other male a hard look.

“What’s going on here? If you‘ve come to try and kidnap her again I swear I‘ll kick your ass this time.”
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