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Default Re: King of the Hill

I had a Fairy in a Bottle, healing me completely. STRATEGIZE! Best. Friggin. Ability. EVER! And that's not even getting into the second part!

Pit: Second part?

Avalon: Oh, I have that ability. Hehehe, never runs out of uses! I'm going to LOVE this!

Pit: Second part?! What's the second part?!

THIS! *Twenty Samurai and two Warlords suddenly surround the Hill, Gold and Sheepat* Twenty Samurai with Evasion-negating attacks, and two Warlords, which are basically Samurai plus, with immunity to additional Backstab damage! Best of all, they all know Tsunami Slash, meaning one simultanious swipe from all of them, and there's no escape! *Gives Pit the Power of Flight, and uses Levitate along with Avalon to escape the Tsunami Slashes while Pit flies above, ready to fire Aquarius Blade in case Gold and Sheepat try jumping away*

*Tsunami Slashes connect, Sheepat and Gold are knocked out!*

That was awesome! MY HILL! And my Twenty Samurai and Two Warlords are freaking awesome! And I can command them all on the fly!

(As a note, I should seriously take some of these mechanics and put them in some kind of MMORPG. King-of-the-Hill style PvP fighting and the kinds of classes me and gold are showing off, specifically. Sound Awesome?)
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