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Default Re: The Pokemon League

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Something I've been wondering about lately is how Trainers qualify to enter the Pokemon League in the anime. Do you think once someone earns 8 badges, they can then enter the league as many times as they want or are the badges only good for one use? And if you want to re-enter, you have to go back and earn 8 more? Or is it you can only enter the Pokemon League once in each region no matter what?

There definitely seem to be more than 8 badges per region in the anime, so going back and getting a new set of badges isn't as silly as it would be in the games. Ifyou were allowed to rechallenge the league though, it's kinda weird that Trainers don't seem to do so. I'm not sure if anyone's ever mentioned being able to enter more than once... It may make sense that you can only enter once, otherwise there would be a crazy amount of participants...

Any thoughts about the Pokemon league or badges?
How often to does the Pokemon League take place ? is it once a year ?

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