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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"She won't find out." Damon responded to Aiden with a smile of his own, then turning to Bonnie. "Let's get back inside."

"Is everything okay?"

Aiden followed Damon and Bonnie back inside, looking to Ashley as she spoke in confusion.

"Everything is fine." Bonnie answered. "Could you come to the morgue with me though? There's a lot of compulsion that needs to be done."

"Yeah. Let's go get dressed." Ashley replied, the two girls then heading upstairs.

"I promise that everything is going to be okay soon." Damon said to Diana as he walked over to the couch where she and Stefan sat, taking a seat on the other side of the brunette. After he had spoken, he gave Aiden a side nod toward her, bringing the red haired Vampire to give a slight nod of his own in response, walking over to Diana.

No one interfere Aiden from what he's about to do. Damon’s voice filled Ichiru’s and Kiseki’s heads, the two Vampires looking at him in both question and confusion. However, even Kiseki didn’t ask why, the two of them simply watching as Aiden knelt down so that he was eye-level with Diana, finally speaking for the first time since he had come in the room.

“Diana, can you look at me for a moment, please?” He paused, waiting for the Witch to respond to his words before locking his silver eyes with her own. “Your brother is not dead. You never had a brother. Your father is not dead and will be coming back alive. Do you understand?”

Ichiru and Kiseki looked at him in absolute shock as he compelled the bruette, their attention then shifting to Damon. Everyone in the group had always been against compelling each other, and even though they knew it was beneficial for Diana’s emotional stability - and possibly her life, as well - it still felt wrong. They could sense these same feelings coming from Aiden, although they were considerably weaker, considering he didn’t have much of a conscience about compelling other people.

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