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Default Re: EV Wings not working?!

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I checked with her, she just said to keep making an effort or something... I think they just changed it in B/W. O:

*hates manual way* Ugh, it takes forever, and it's already taken me a month of playing to get 60 of each vitamin by the subway. @.@ Also, you can use each vitamin 10 times except for one, which you can use once.

It's weird that it doesn't work. Hmm... Google doesn't help either. XD
Depends on EVs. You can't make them higher if the others are already maxed out. You wind up with a Wobbuffet on drugs, and all heck breaks lose. Seriously. It makes Arceus cry.

...Don't make Arceus cry, man.

Don't do it.

I miss the Counter App from D/P/Pl. Made counting EVs easier. If you get the "power" items or the Macho Brace and fight the right ones, it's easier as well :)