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Default Re: EV Wings not working?!

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Check with the ribbon lady again. To be honest, I believe the games were changed to allow stats to change from EVs even at level 100 starting in...Geh...Diamond/Pearl?

If they aren't working and for some reason they are not maxed, you might have to go the manual way. Here is a guide on EVs.

There's no limit to the wings unlike vitamins (each item can only be used 10 times on a Pokemon - 100 EVs in that stat).

Hope this helps Ty.
I checked with her, she just said to keep making an effort or something... I think they just changed it in B/W. O:

*hates manual way* Ugh, it takes forever, and it's already taken me a month of playing to get 60 of each vitamin by the subway. @.@ Also, you can use each vitamin 10 times except for one, which you can use once.

It's weird that it doesn't work. Hmm... Google doesn't help either. XD