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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

(sorry for such a short post D: not feeling good at all )

Damon and Bonnie watched as Aiden hesitated for a moment, the pair knowing that the Original was thinking this over. Damon was about to open his mouth to tell Aiden it was the only choice they pretty much had until the ginger spoke.

Ill do it. Aiden responded, looking up to Damon. A slight smile came onto his face as he continued with a joke. But if she finds out, Im not taking the blame. This brought Damon to give a smile of his own.

"She won't find out." Damon said, turning his attention to Bonnie. "Let's get back inside." With that Damon opened the door, him and Bonnie walking in the house.

"Is everything okay?" Ashley asked, confused as to why Damon wanted to talk to Aiden and Bonnie alone.

"Everything is fine." Bonnie said. "Could you come to the morgue with me though? There's a lot of compulsion that needs to be done."

"Yeah. Let's go get dressed." Ashley said, her and Bonnie disappearing upstairs. Damon turned his attention over to Diana and Stefan, who were sitting on the couch together as Diana tried to pull herself together.

"I promise that everything is going to be okay soon." Damon said as he sat on Diana's other side, looking over to Aiden. He gave the Vampire a side nod towards Diana, silently telling him to use his compulsion.

No one interfere Aiden from what he's about to do. Damon said telepathically to everyone in the room so Diana wouldn't hear, looking at his friends who were looking at him in confusion, though they didn't say anything.

Upstairs Ashley got Damon's telepathic message as well, bringing her to look at Bonnie with suspicion as she pulled out a pair of clean clothes for the Witch to wear.

"What's Aiden going to do?" Ashley asked.

"Shh!" Bonnie quickly closed the door and looked at Ashley. "He's going to compel her that she never had a brother." Bonnie whispered.

"What!" Ashley whispered back in shock.

"It has to be done. She's never going to get past this and I'm afraid that she'll do something drastic." Bonnie explained.

"This is a very bad idea..." Ashley said as both her and Bonnie got dressed.

"I know, but what other option do we have?" Bonnie sighed, wanting to stay up in the room for a few more minutes so she wouldn't have to see her daughter get compelled.
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