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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Persephone Silverton
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Viridian City.
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Much to Persephone's relief, Shay didn't seem to be irritated; rather, the older girl seemed grateful for the information. Hopefully. Persephone was absolutely rubbish when it came to understanding her fellow human beings. As Shay walked ahead, Persephone fell in step with the rest of the group.

Within seconds, however, the slight little girl was bored absolutely out of her mind. Why did everybody have to be moving so slowly? Her eyes kept on wandering into the treetops, gauging how sturdy their branches were, and how close they sat together. Certainly she could do it. It was a much more interesting route, and she would be able to keep her eye out for any hidden dangers...

That settled it. Beckoning for Laurel to follow, she walked over to one of the great tree trunks, reaching up to grab a low branch and lifting her foot into a small knot in the bark. Moving quickly and efficiently, Persephone climbed up the tree, moving from handhold to handhold with more speed than could be expected of one with her small stature. Within half a minute she was as high as she could go without snapping branches. Laurel perched above her, a mischievous smile on his scaly, blue-green face. "Fun!" he chirped. "Hopefully 'Miss Shay' down there doesn't mind us escaping for a little above-ground adventuring!"

Shay! Persephone had forgotten all about their impromptu leader. Trying to put her nervousness away, the girl shook her head. "I doubt she will. After all, it's not like we're leaving the group. We're just going to be taking an, um... Different route."

That said, she began to trail after the group, watching their doings from above as she scrabbled from tree to tree, moving with practiced ease as she walked, crawled, or even jumped through the canopy, Laurel not far behind. As she went, she saw several Trainers stopping to battle with the wild Pokemon: Eti with his Machop, who was dueling with a Nidoran; Markus with his own Nidoran, who was lancing a Spearow; and Shay with her golden Charmander, who was engaged in battle with yet another Spearow. The sight of fighting made Persephone vaguely nervous, but she had always known that it was going to happen. Pokemon and humans became friends through combat. Besides, as long as no Pokemon were being killed or hurt unduly...

"Pi Pidge!"

The indignant cry made Persephone's head jerk up sharply. A small bird was perched upon a branch in the next tree. It glared at the slight Silverton girl with a scrutinizing eye; the creamy feathers on its breast were ruffled as it attempted to make itself look bigger. It was displaying its power, but not defending its territory just yet; it was too calm for that. Persephone smiled at it apologetically. "Sorry if I'm too close to your nest, Pidgey. Me and Laurel are just passing through, and we can go around if you want."

"Go around!" hooted Laurel. He shot his trainer a glare that contained both eagerness and exasperation. "Don't you see? This is the perfect time for us to test our strength against some real enemies. You're a Trainer. Let's train!"

"Pidgey!" the Pidgey added in a tone that Persephone was almost sure meant agreement; it too was apparently spoiling for a battle. She sighed - a fight was going to happen sometime. She couldn't believe that the Pidgey actually wanted to scrap with Laurel, but it seemed raring for a bit of excitement.

"All right," Persephone said, nervous. "Let's see a Growl, then!"

Laurel opened his mouth wide, releasing a loud, ear-piercing wail. A shockwave shot from his jaws: a ripple in the air that flowed over Pidgey, making it shudder. However, the attack was mostly ineffective. The Pidgey seemed a bit uncomfortable at the offensive noise, but other than that it didn't seem to have been effected adversely.

Now Pidgey took its turn. It glided across the gap before pulling up sharply in front of Laurel. It then proceeded to dive-bomb him continuously, all the while pecking him with its sharp pink beak. "Gack!" Laurel shouted. "This is no - ouch - good! We - oof - need to go on the - aiee! - offensive. Like her - ooch!"

Persephone bit her lip. "Vine Whip, then!" scarcely were the words out of her mouth when vines sprang out of Laurel's back bulb. They took Pidgey on its next dive, wrapping around the bird and squeezing it hard. Pidgey squawked and squirmed, but couldn't get free. Laurel tossed it back toward the tree it had come from, which it crashed into, hard. It looked like it was bleeding from this distance; Persephone let out a gasp. She very nearly leaped to the next tree to tend to its wounds, but before she could it hopped back up, ready for more.

This time, Pidgey didn't go on a direct offensive. It took off from the branch again, but rather than swooping at Laurel it began to flap its wings wildly, whipping up a swirling current of wind that tore leaves off the branches. Persephone was taken off guard, and she was thrown off of her shaking branch with a loud cry of shock. It was luck that saved her then, as her wildly grasping hands wrapped around a second branch lower down. She struggled to pull herself up while Laurel raced to help her. "Go on, defend yourself! I'll be fine!" as she was shouting she was pulling herself up, dragging her light frame behind her as she attempted to get onto the branch properly. "Try another Vine Whip!"

Laurel nodded tensely, then whirled around to face Pidgey, who was swooping in to renew the assault. Laurel lashed out once more, bur Pidgey had wised up and batted aside the vines with its wings. Persephone, with a final gasp of effort, managed to pull herself up at last. Straddling the branch, she called out: "Don't grab it; whack it!"

By now Pidgey was in dive-bombing range of Laurel, and the Bulbasaur was suffering for it. He was covered with numerous shallow cuts and gashes - all superficial, but from Laurel's pained grimace they hurt well enough.

As Pidgey wheeled out of another successful attack, one of Laurel's vines lashed out again. This time the bird received a solid smack between its feathery shoulders. Silent as a stone, it fell to the ground; the blow seemed to have stunned it. Sighing at the thought of having to abandon her hard-won perch, Persephone shimmied back toward the trunk of the tree and clambered down, looking for the Pidgey. It was laying right at the bast of the trunk, still incapacitated. Was it hurt? Was it... Surely it wasn't... It couldn't be dead, could it?

Persephone leaped the remaining distance, landing on the soft grass with a thud. Quickly she checked Pidgey over for signs of life; it seemed to have sustained only scrapes and bruises. She breathed a sigh of relief. Then she looked the little bird over again. Each Trainer, before the journey's start, had been given a list of Pokemon that they were allowed to capture. Pidgey, despite being a flying-type, was on Persephone's. She wasn't sure if she even wanted a Pidgey - but she wanted much less to leave it there. "All right, Pidgey," she sounded more confident than she felt. "If you don't want to be caught, speak now or forever hold your peace!"

No reply. Taking the silence for confirmation, Persephone dug a Pokeball out of her bag and held it out, her hand trembling just slightly. The sphere opened in her hand, releasing a beam of bright red light and enveloping Pidgey in luminescence. The bird disappeared and the beam retracted; in Persephone's hand the Pokeball began to shake. Startles, she let it fall to the ground. For several seconds the device began to shake, wobbling erratically, until at last all movement from it ceased and it let out a ping. Persephone's fists shot up with excitement. She scooped the Pokeball, then let the Pidey within fly out free. It still looked battered, but it was no longer immobile. It - or rather, she; her large body and deeper voice was common among Pidgey of the feminine variety - seemed very spirited and peppy. Persephone considered her for a moment, a smile on her face. "How do you like the name Sylvia?" The Pidgey considered this briefly, then nodded. Persephone opened her mouth to say more, but before she could Shay called out to the group.

“Okay everyone, follow that particular Spearow, or we’re all going to be severely pecked by an angry flock,” she said, pointing to a Spearow. Persephone nodded, looking up at the sky. She could just make out a cluster of airborne shapes. A little nervous now, she allowed Sylvia to perch on her shoulder - wincing at the prickly claws - while Laurel tagged along at her heels, ready for whatever came next.
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