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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

IC: Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City, G.U.N. HQ
Affected RPers: k_pop, Grassy, Metal, Sabi
<Into the fire, as they say.>

Kioji scowled at the robot as it spoke, barely able to comprehend its words because of the odd accent it spoke with. He’d never heard anything like it and it make it that much harder for him to understand a language he only had a very basic working knowledge of. After the robot flew off, Kioji took another few seconds to realize it had essentially told them to follow it in order to help.

He? Kioji briefly pondered, having picked up on the masculine tone with which the robot spoke. Gender assigned to a robot? When did such things happen? He then made a sort of growling rumble in his chest and shook his head, pushing the thoughts aside. They were unimportant and doing nothing more than distracting him from what mattered. He focused on Cassie and BJ long enough to say, “Help others,” before dropping into an awkward position on all fours. He then leapt into a powerful stride, following the scent of exhaust fumes from the robot’s engine.

When he finally caught up he saw a draconic anthro that was giving off enough heat to make the air around her boil. Her foe was a red-and-blue robot in the shape of a hedgehog; the robot from earlier had his weapon aimed at the larger bot. The heat in the area would have made others uncomfortable, no doubt, but it didn’t bother Kioji in the least.

Standing upright, Kioji used his instinctive fear of robots fuel his determination to defeat the one that had invaded the building. He couldn’t fly like the others, but his target wasn’t so far away that it was out of range. Taking his natural bipedal posture, Kioji pulled himself to his full height and allowed his gaze to go out of focus. He concentrated on the pulse and flow of solar energy in his skin and fur, felt the comforting warmth as it filled his body. He slowly took in a breath, filling his lungs with air as super-heated energy began pouring from his body. The air in his lungs turned into pressure in his chest, which then forced its way up his throat and out of his gaping jaws in a ringing howl.

At the same time the howl burst from his throat, the solar energy cascading from his body caused the air around him to ignite, creating several large fireballs that were nearly white with heat. These spun around their creator’s body for a few seconds, momentarily erratic in their first seconds of existence. They were never in danger of spiraling out of control, though, and a few heartbeats later they aligned themselves in a circle around Kioji’s upper body. They then began to spin, picking up speed until they seemed to become a flaming wheel encircling the young wolf.

The fireballs then abruptly shot off towards the robotic menace that had arrived; a few went dead center while the rest fanned out in a tight spiral. Kioji hoped that if the robot tried to avoid the fireballs coming dead at it that it would end up dodging into the path of another. He watched closely to see if his attack would hit, taking a quick check of his energy stores while he waited. He had enough power for two, maybe three attacks of the same size before he’d need to recharge.

Hopefully the battle wouldn’t last that long...
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