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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Southbay Underground, in a conference room
ARPers: CM (Kai)

"Kai doesn't mind." Those were the words that sealed the deal for Anya. Hope fluttered faintly in her chest for a moment--she would be able to free Rayna without embarking on a complete suicide mission! Seeming to take notice of this, a soft laugh sounded in the back of her head.

/She's one elf, not what I had in mind, however, if you're sure just you two can do it... Just don't get too reckless, Anya,/ Rayna cautioned her, but Anya just smiled.

/Reckless is what I do best, though, Rayna,/ she teased back. /But I know you aren't going to be there to heal me up until I can bust you out, so I'll try to do a bit better until you're near me again./

/Don't forget that I'm with you as well, though not always physically present. I will protect you two to the best of my ability,/ Laila added in quickly. Turning herself back to the world outside their shared mind, Anya looked at the elf girl and sighed.

"Well, Kai, looks like it's just gonna be us... I'd like to get my sister out as soon as possible, when can we do this? I'd love to go right now, however I'm not sure that's smart..." Anya said, trying to think rationally about breaking into a place loaded with guards.

Aileena Crowfeather
Somewhere between Lakeshire and Riverrun, and heading toward Lakeshire
ARPers: CM (Drakon)

"Hold on a second, Leena, stop," Harland burst out all of a sudden, startling Aileena to a stop.

"My name is not Leena! How hard is it for you to call me Aileena?" The woman hissed at her Sacred Beast, hand flying to the sword hung at her hip to respond to potential danger.

"Very hard," the raccoon hanging from her shoulder quipped back. "Anyway, that's not the point here," Harland said, dropping from Aileena's shoulder to the grass heavily and wandered about in several directions, muttering to himself before he seemed to be satisfied and moved back to stand before her. "We need to keep moving north, and a bit to the east." Aileena gave him a look of suspicion as Harland clambered back up to her shoulder.

"Why would that be, Harland?" she asked slowly, not trusting the raccoon one bit.

"Well, you need fabric, don't you? Or do you plan on going to Skyspire in what you're currently wearing? Traders come through there--I'm sure you can find something there, as well as sewing materials." It sounded totally normal, however it didn't explain Harland's odd actions moments before. Aileena snorted before she began walking again anyway.

"Sounds logical, but I know there's something more you're leaving out, Harland," the woman growled.

"We're not too far away, just a bit further, Leena," Harland replied. Aileena didn't bother responding this time.

OOC: This could have been so much better...unfortunately it isn't! Sorry for the late reply, WAR is pretty time consuming--can't wait for it to end!

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