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Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Granted, it is thrown in your face. Like a pie.

I wish Scyez became somewhat sane (this is going to cause the apocalypse, isn't it?).
I cannot grant that wish. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. If I explained it, the power of Spoilers would make Your Head Asplode. And If I DID Grant it, well...Calling it the Apcalypse, or even the full-blown Armageddon, is like calling the entierty of the ocean bound up in a single Tsunami the equivelant of a smaller-than-quantom-foam particle of H2O. Savvy?

...D**MIT, MGS, YOU NINJA'D ME!!! Granted, but it makes another Apocalypse. And everyone that survived it hates your guts and starts a war over simply who will kill you.

I WISH FOR FISH TO APPEAR IN NARPHOENIX'ES FACE. And it cannot be used to harm me, loved ones, possessions of mine, the physical and metaphysical stability of the Nexus, Eon Sky's entire cast, ectcedera, if it has such powers.
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