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Granted, but this makes people want to bring harm to you-a COMPLETELY different concept. It's not like 'throw person into deathtrap,' it's more like 'shoot them.' If you're forcibly being pushed towards it, your f***ing invincible. if it's coming towards you, then good luck. And no, running at it will kill you, stationary deathtrap or moblie bullet, or whatever else falls into either catagory.

So, only if you're moving toward it and not the trap, and you're moving towards it by force and not by will. Also, whenever you survive such a scenario for the invincibility to kick in, you lose 50 points of IQ. No IQ? You're dead regardless. SO DEAL WITH IT.

My corruptions are complicated affairs. ANYWAYS, I wish for a cake, same scenario as above, cannot be related to GW's prior corruption of the same wish.
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